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All abstracts by Martin Krüger in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Microbial Hydrogen Transformation during Underground Hydrogen Storage
Dohrmann AB & Krüger M

(2019) Microbial Redox Reactions during Underground Storage of Hydrogen
Dohrmann A & Krüger M

(2016) Revealing the Blackbox Since 1999: 13C-Depleted Amino Acids and Lipids in Deep-Sea Methane Biogeochemistry
Takano Y, Chikaraishi Y, Kruger M & Ohkouchi N

(2015) Groundwater Microbial Communities Response to Simulated Leackage of Hydraulic Fracturing-Related Fluids
Jimenez N & Krüger M

(2014) Quantification of Microbial Life in the Extreme Subsurface
Schippers A & Krüger M

(2013) Evidence for the Microbial in situ Conversion of Oil to Methane in the Dagang Oilfield
Jimenez N, Cai M, Straaten N, Morris B, Yao Y, Richnow H-H & Krüger M

(2013) Insights in the Methanogenic Degradation of BTEX and PAH in Different Geological Systems
Straaten N, Jimenez-Garcia N, Gründger F, Richnow H-H, Lüders T & Krüger M

(2013) Characterization of Indigenous Oil Field Microorganisms for Microbially Enhanced Oil Recovery (MEOR)
Sitte J, Biegel E, Herold A, Alkan H & Krüger M

(2013) Occurrence of Aerobic and Methanogenic Oil Biodegradation in a Water-Flooded Oil Field
Jiménez Garcia N, Cai M, Jun Y, Krüger M & Richnow HH

(2013) Elevated Pressure of Carbon Dioxide Affects Growth of Thermophilic <i>Petrotoga</i> sp
Rakoczy J, Gniese C, Schippers A, Schlömann M & Krüger M

(2013) Effects of Volcanic CO2 Vents on a Freshwater Environment, the Laacher See
Gwosdz S, Möller I, Richnow HH & Krüger M

(2011) Microbial Conversion of Oil, Coal and Shales into Methane – A Future Energy Resource
Krüger M, Gründger F, Siegert M, Schulz H-M & Richnow H-H

(2011) High CO2 Concentrations Negatively Affect Methanogenesis and Sulphate Reduction in Gas Fields of the North German Plain
Frerichs J, Gniese C, Schulz A, Richnow H-H, Kock D & Krüger M

(2011) Methane Formation in Abandoned Coal Mines: Role of Acetogens and Acetoclastic Methanosarcinales
Beckmann S, Lüders T, Krüger M, Von Netzer F, Engelen B & Cypionka H

(2009) Microbial Conversion of Higher Hydrocarbons to Methane in Different Geosystem
Krüger M, Feisthauer S, Gruendger F, Siegert M & Richnow H-H

(2009) Determination of Active Microorganisms in the Gas Reservoir Altmark and their Role in CO2 Turnover
Gniese C, Krüger M, Frerichs J, Kassahun A, Hoth N & Seifert J

(2009) Microbial Methane Formation from Coal and Mine Timber in Abandoned Coal Mines
Beckmann S, Engelen B, Cypionka H & Krüger M

(2009) From Whale to Chemosynthesis: Energy and Carbon Fluxes at a Deep-Sea Whale Fall
Treude T, Smith C, Wenzhoefer F, Carney E, Bernardino A, Hannides A, Krüger M & Boetius A

(2003) Anaerobic Oxidation of Methane at Hydrate Ridge (OR)
Treude T, Boetius A, Knittel K, Nauhaus K, Elvert M & Krüger M

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