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All abstracts by Monika A. Kusiak in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Pb Nanospheres in Hadean and Eoarchean Zircon at Jack Hills
Kusiak MA, Wilde SA, Wirth R & Pidgeon RT

(2022) Low-δ18O Signatures in Zircon – Evidence for Emergent Land in the Early Archean
Król P, Kusiak MA, Whitehouse MJ, Dunkley DJ & Wilde SA

(2020) All a Matter of Scale: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Zirconology
Wilde S, Kusiak M & Whitehouse M

(2020) Pb Nanospheres in Metamorphic Zircon
Kusiak MA, Wirth R, Dunkley DJ, Shumlyanskyy L, Whitehouse MJ & Wilde SA

(2020) Differences in Crustal Ages between the Tula and Scott Mountains of Enderby Land, East Antarctica
Król P, Kusiak MA, Dunkley DJ, Wilde SA, Yi K, Lee S & Whitehouse MJ

(2017) Zircon Below the Micron Scale: On the Trail of Errant Elements
Kusiak MA

(2017) A New Natural Reference Material for U-Pb Geochronology: Monazite from the Skalna Brama Pegmatite, the Sudetes, Poland
Szopa K, Kusiak M, Gawęda A, Banasik K, Chew D, Dunkley D, Iizuka T, Janeczek J, Konečný P, Krzykawski T & Yi K

(2017) Central European Carbonatites Under Cover: Insights for Mineral Exploration from the Tajno Alkaline Intrusions, NE Poland
Wiszniewska J, Gonzalez-Alvarez I, Kusiak MA, Petecki Z & Legras M

(2017) A Monazite and Zircon Record of Neoarchean Polymetamorphism in the Saglek Block of Labrador
Kusiak MA, Dunkley DJ, Wilde SA, Konecny P, Salacinska A & Whitehouse MJ

(2017) Eoarchean Crust in the Napier Complex of East Antarctica: Isotopic Insights from U-Pb-Hf in Zircon
Dunkley D, Kusiak M, Wilde S, Kemp A & Whitehouse M

(2015) Metallic Lead Nanospheres Discovered in Ancient Antarctic Zircons
Kusiak M, Dunkley D, Whitehouse M, Wilde S, Wirth R & Marquardt K

(2013) Ancient Mobilisation of Radiogenic Pb and Ti during High-Grade Metamorphism
Kusiak MA, Whitehouse MJ, Wilde SA, Dunkley DJ, Nemchin AA, Wirth R & Marquardt K

(2012) Implications of Unsupported Radiogenic Pb in Ancient Zircon
Whitehouse M, Kusiak M & Nemchin A

(2010) Effects of Magma Hybridization and Late-Magmatic Fluids on Zircon in a Variscan Post-Collisional Pluton
Kusiak MA, Dunkley DJ & Słaby E

(2006) Nd-monazite Occurrence in North America: Mesoproterozoic Siliciclastic Rocks of the Belt-Purcell Supergroup
Kusiak MA & Gonzalez-Alvarez I

(2006) Zircon CHIME dating of durbachite from the Trebíc Pluton, Central European Variscides
Kusiak MA, Suzuki K, Kachlik V & Kedzior A

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