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All abstracts by Yann Lahaye in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) New Insights into the Formation of the Rajapalot Deposit from Stable Ni, Cu and Fe Isotopes
Tepsell J, Lahaye Y, Molnár F, Rämö T & Cook N

(2022) Silver Isotope Analysis and Systematics of Native Gold from the Rajapalot Gold Deposit, Northern Finland
Tepsell J, Lahaye Y, Molnár F, Rämö T & Cook N

(2021) Li Isotopic and Trace Element Compositions of Spodumene as a Fingerprinting Tool for Li Pegmatites
Lukkari S, Lahaye Y, Grönholm P & Kurtti J

(2020) Pb Isotope Systematics of K-Feldspar from the Precambrian Crust in the Baltic Sea Region
Salin E, Sundblad K, Woodard J & Lahaye Y

(2020) Toward the Application of Ni and Ag Isotopes as Indicators of the Genesis of Cobalt in Orogenic Gold Systems, Finnish Lapland
Tepsell J, Rämö T, Molnár F & Lahaye Y

(2019) 2.05 Ga A1-type Felsic to Intermediate Igneous Suite and Related Nb-Zr-Ree Mineralization at Otanmäki, Central Finland
Kärenlampi K, Hanski E, Kontinen A, Huhma H, Krause J, Heinig T & Lahaye Y

(2019) Sr-Isotope Compositions and Trace Element Concentrations in Plagioclase from the 0.92 Ga Sveconorwegian Hakafjorden Complex in SW Sweden – Implication for the Origin of Massif-Type Anorthosite
Scherstén A, Barrett A, Glommé A, Kullberg S & Lahaye Y

(2017) Li Isotopes in Fluid Inclusions as Tracers for Crustal Fluids
Richard A, Banks DA, Hendriksson N & Lahaye Y

(2011) Loparite Composition in Stratified Lovozero Alkaline Intrusion
Kogarko L, Lahaye Y & Williams T

(2008) Display Sedimentary 231Pa/230Th Ratios the Strength of Atlantic Deep Water Circulation? – An Approach for the Past 30, 000 Years
Lippold J, Christl M, Gruetzner J, Lahaye Y, Winter D & Mangini A

(2008) Isotopic (Sr, Nd, Hf) Composition of Super-Large Metal Deposits from the Kola Penninsula Using in situ LA-MC-ICPMS
Lahaye Y, Kogarko LN & Brey G

(2007) Peridotite Xenoliths from the Andesitic Avacha Volcano, Kamchatka – any Signatures of Subduction Metasomatism?
Ionov D, Bruegmann G, Seitz H-M, Lahaye Y & Woodland A

(2007) A Light Lithium Source for Komatiites
Lahaye Y, Seitz H-M, Brey G & Arndt N

(2006) Episodic versus long term recycling processes within the Archean South African crust
Klama K, Lahaye Y, Weyer S, Gerdes A & Brey G

(2006) Mapping of the Kaapvaal craton lithosphere with garnets from a polymict peridotite
Lazarov M, Brey G & Lahaye Y

(2004) Li-Isotopic Signatures of Peridotite Xenoliths and Isotopic Fractionation at High Temperature between Olivine and Pyroxenes
Seitz H, Brey G, Durali S, Weyer S & Lahaye Y

(2004) In situ Sulfur Isotope Ratio Measurements by Laser Ablation High Resolution MC-ICP-MS
Lahaye Y, Bendall C, Brey G, Fiebig J & Weyer S

(2002) Re-evaluation of the Genesis of Kambalda-Style Komatiite-Hosted Ni-Cu-(PGE) Ore Deposits
Beresford S, Lahaye Y, Cas R, Jane M, Lambert D & Stone B

(2001) Sulfide Ore-Bearing Komatiite Systems at Kambalda, Western Australia
Lahaye Y, Beresford SW, Lambert DD, Jane M & Stone WE

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