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All abstracts by Falko Langenhorst in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2016) Reactive Ammonia in the Protoplanetary Disk
Harries D, Hoppe P & Langenhorst F

(2015) “In Vitro” Modifications of Mineral Fibers – Observations by Transmission Electron Microscopy
Vigliaturo R, Langenhorst F, Pollok K, Harries D, Capella S & Belluso E

(2015) Experiments on Direct Precipitation from Precambrian Seawater
Schumann M, Pollok K & Langenhorst F

(2015) Oxidation State of Transition Metals in (Micro-)tektites and Suevite Glass from Bosumtwi Crater, Ghana
Langenhorst F, Stoyanov E, Deutsch A & Göttlicher J

(2015) Trace Elements as Clue for Understanding the Origin of Lake Bosumtwi Crater Related Glass (Ivory Coast Tektites, Microtektites, Fall Back Particles, Suevite Glass)
Deutsch A, Langenhorst F & Berndt J

(2014) Gas Release from Minerals and Rocks
Heide K, Langenhorst F & Heide G

(2013) Fluid-Induced Redox Processes at the Slab-Mantle Interface: Insights from Ultrahigh-Pressure Garnet Peridotites
Malaspina N, Langenhorst F & Poli S

(2011) Interfaces and Exchange Coupling
McEnroe S, Robinson P, Fabian K, Harrison R, Miyajima N & Langenhorst F

(2011) Pyrrhotite Oxidative Dissolution: A Microstructural Perspective by FIB-TEM and Surface Topometry
Harries D, Pollok K & Langenhorst F

(2011) Bacterial Oxidation of Pyrrhotite and Troilite Under Acidic Conditions
Hopf J, Pollok K, Hochella MF & Langenhorst F

(2010) Nickel Sulfide Formation by a Sulfate-Reducing Consortium Originating from Heavy Metal Polluted Creek Soil
Sitte J, Pollok K, Finster K, Löffler S, Burkhardt E-M, Langenhorst F, Büchel G & Küsel K

(2009) Structural Complexity in Pyrrhotites: What are the Implications for Fluid-Mineral Interactions?
Harries D, Pollok K, Etzel K & Langenhorst F

(2008) A Combined LA-ICP-MS and DEGAS Study on Bediasites and Ivory Coast Tektites
Deutsch A, Langenhorst F, Luetke S & Berndt J

(2007) Textural and Microstructural Analysis of Rapidly Grown Omphacite from Eclogite Facies Pseudotachylytes
Pollok K, Heidelbach F, Langenhorst F & John T

(2007) TEM Investigations of Bacterial Effects on Biotite Dissolution
Hopf J, Langenhorst F & Merten D

(2007) Impact Related and Late Crystallisation Products of Shergotty
Bläß U & Langenhorst F

(2007) Stability of Hydrous Ringwoodite in the Martian Mantle
Ganskow G, Langenhorst F, Pollok K, Frost D & Keppler H

(2007) ATEM-Eels Study of Diamond-Like Phases in the B-C-N System
Langenhorst F & Solozhenko V

(2004) Phase Relations in the Hematite-Ilmenite Series: Crucial in Acquiring and Preserving Crustal Magnetism
Robinson P, Harrison R, McEnroe S, Langenhorst F & Heidelbach F

(2004) The Crystal Chemistry of Aluminous Perovskite may Cause Precipitation of Metallic Fe in the Lower Mantle
Frost D, Tronnes R, Liebske C, Langenhorst F, McCammon C & Rubie D

(2004) On the Shock Behavior of Anhydrite
Deutsch A, Langenhorst F, Ivanov B & Hornemann U

(2004) A Macroscopic and Microscopic Investigation of the MgCO3-CdCO3 Solid Solution
Bromiley F, Boffa-Ballaran T, Zhang M & Langenhorst F

(2002) The Oxidation State of Iron in the Lower Mantle
Frost DJ & Langenhorst F

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