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All abstracts by Ross Large in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Characterising Trace Element Distribution in Pyritised Microfossils: A Tool to Test Biogenicity
Mukherjee I, Corkrey R, Goemann K, Large R & Danyushevksy L

(2018) Invited Keynote: Advances in Applications of LA-ICPMS to Minerals in Ores and Black Shales
Large R, Danyushevsky L, Meffre S & Stepanov A

(2018) How Robust is Sedimentary Pyrite Trace Element Geochemistry as a Geochemical Proxy?
Mukherjee I, Large R, Corkrey R, Willink R & Stepanov A

(2018) Earth System Evolution in the Proterozoic – The Story from Marine Pyrite
Large R & Mukherjee I

(2017) The Behaviour of Chalcofile Elements during UHP Metamorphism: Evidence from the Kokchetav Massif by LA-ICP-MS Imaging of Sulfides
Stepanov A, Mikhno A, Musiyachenko K, Korsakov A & Large R

(2017) Understanding the Interplay between S Source and Metal Availability in the Archean: An Example from the Jeerinah Formation
Gregory D, Olson S, Large R, Zhukova I, Kaufman A & Lyons T

(2017) Significance of Marcasite Across the Permian-Triassic Boundary
Lounejeva E, Large R, Danyushevsky L, Algeo T, Grice K, Rodemann T, Davidson G & Steadman J

(2017) REE Evidence for Elevated pCO2 throughout the Boring Billion
Large R, Mukherjee I, Zhukova I & Stepanov S

(2017) The Boring Billion, a Slingshot for Complex Life on Earth
Mukherjee I, Large R & Danyushevsky L

(2016) Trace Element Patterns in Pyrite Nodules as a Window to Bioessential Metal Availability in Archean Marine Sediments
Gregory D, Lyons T, Large R, Olson S & Zhukova I

(2016) Potential Controls on Evolution of Complex Eukaryotic Organisms by Bio-Essential Trace Element Availability in Proterozoic Oceans: Evidence from the McArthur Basin, Northern Australia
Mukherjee I & Large R

(2016) Rare Minerals and Trace Elements in Sulfide Turbidites from Yubileynoye VMS Deposit, South Urals, Russia
Tseluyko A, Maslennikov V, Ayupova N, Maslennikova S, Large R & Danyushevsky L

(2016) Trace Metals and Isotopes in Estonian Black Shales: Cambro-Ordovician Shallow Water Anoxia on the Baltica Shelf?
Johnson S, McGoldrick P, Systra Y, Meffre S, Large R, Raub T, Boyce A & Lyons T

(2016) A Multi-Proxy Approach to Tracking Ocean Chemistry over the Last 1000 Ma
Large R

(2015) Theme 12: 25 Years of Advances in Ore Genesis Research
Large R

(2015) Do Hyperenriched Black Shales Correspond with Periods of Elevated Atmospheric O2?
Large R, Johnson S, Kelley K, Slack J & Coveney R

(2015) Trace Elements in the Tube Fossils from Silica-Hematite Rocks of the Urals VMS Deposits
Ayupova N, Maslennikov V, Large R, Danyushevsky L & Tseluyko A

(2015) Trace Element Partitioning during the Pyrite to Pyrrhotite Reduction
Johnson S, Large R, Meffre S & Raub T

(2015) Stability and Metastability of Arsenian Pyrite
Stepanov A, Goemann K, Large R, Meffre S & Danyushevsky L

(2015) Laser Ablation Mass Spectrometry in Ore Deposit Research
Meffre S, Large R, Danyushevsky L, Cooke D & Gilbert S

(2014) Phanerozoic O2 Cycles
Large R, Halpin J & Danyushevsky L

(2014) Geochemical Signature of PTB Sediments in the Perth Basin Reveals a Toxic Ocean at the End of Permian and Anoxic Ocean in Early Triassic
Lounejeva E, Large R, Danyushevsky L, Mantle D, Halpin J, Goemann K & Gilbert S

(2014) S Isotopes of Pyrite from PTB Sediments in the Perth Basin: Toxic H2S Ocean in Latest Permian and High Bacterial Activity in Early Triassic
Lounejeva E, Large R, Danyushevsky L, Gregory D, Steadman J, Cook C & Gilbert S

(2014) Gold in the Ocean Through Time
Large R, Steadman J & Gregory D

(2014) Pyrite Trace Element Compositions for Ore Deposits from Western Australia
Belousov I, Large R, Meffre S, Danyushevsky L & Beardsmore T

(2013) Secular Trends in the Global Ocean Revealed Through Trace Elements in Sedimentary Pyrite
Halpin J, Large R, Danyushevsky L, Maslennikov V, Gregory D, Lyons T & Lounejeva E

(2013) Four Cycles of Oxygenation in the Phanerozoic
Large R, Halpin J, Danyushevsky L, Maslennikov V, Bull S, Gregory D, Lyons T & Lounejeva E

(2013) Mineral and Chemical Evolution of Fragmental Massive Sulfide Ores
Maslennikov V, Large R, Maslennikova S & Danyushevskiy L

(2010) Source Rocks for Sediment-Hosted Orogenic Gold Deposits
Large R & Danyushevsky L

(2010) Pyrite is the Key: Insights into Ore Forming Processes at Bendigo, Australia Using LA-ICPMS Trace Element and Isotope Methods
Thomas H, Large R & Bull S

(2006) Hydrosilicate liquids in late magmatic processes: experimental results and natural evidence
Smirnov S, Thomas V, Peretyazhko I, Zagorsky V, Kamenetsky V & Large R

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