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All abstracts by Boaz Lazar in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2014) The Carbonate System in Hypersaline Brine: Dead Sea Case Study
Golan R, Gavrieli I, Lensky N, Lazar B & Ganor J

(2014) Magnesium Isotope Fractionation during Epigenetic Dolomitization of Carbonate Rocks
Shalev N, Lazar B, Halicz L & Gavrieli I

(2013) Calcitic Corals from the Northern Red Sea as Paleohydrological Monitors
Yehudai M, Lazar B, Kohn N, Shaked Y, Agnon A & Stein M

(2013) Substantial Changes in the Salinity and Paleo-Hydrology of the Late Quaternary Dead Sea Revealed in the ICDP Deep Drill
Lazar B, Sivan O, Antler G, Yechieli Y, Levi E, Gavrieli I & Stein M

(2013) The Geochemical History of the Dead Sea from Dissolved Chemical Species and Isotopes in Pore Waters
Levy EJ, Sivan O, Yechieli Y, Gavrieli I, Lazar B & Stein M

(2013) The pH of the Dead Sea Brine: Calibrating the Combination Electrode Measurements
Golan R, Gavrieli I, Lazar B & Ganor J

(2013) Redox Control on the Water Column Distribution of Ra in a Stratified Lake – Lake Kinneret, Israel
Sharabi G, Lazar B, Kolodny Y, Halicz L & Nishri A

(2011) Short Residence Time and Fast Transport of Fine-Grain Detritus – From 7Be in Settled Dust in the Judean Desert
Belmaker R, Lazar B, Stein M & Beer J

(2011) Strontium Isotope Fractionation in Scleractinian Corals
Fruchter N, Böhm F, Eisenhauer A, Dietzel M, Krabbenhöft A, Niedermayr A, Reynaud S, Lazar B & Stein M

(2011) Fate of Nutrients in the Fresh-Saline Water Interface in Coastal Aquifers
Russak A, Sivan O, Yechieli Y, Lazar B & Herut B

(2011) Open System U-Th Ages of Red Sea Corals Indicate the Activity of Freshwater Aquifers at the Last Interglacial
Lazar B & Stein M

(2009) Calcitification of the Last Interglacial Coral Reefs in the Gulf of Aqaba – Phreatic Freshwater Activity in the Currently Hyperarid Region
Lazar B, Stein M & Agnon A

(2007) Ra and Rn Enrichment in the Water Column of the Gulf of Aqaba (Northern Red Sea)
Lazar B & Kolodny Y

(2007) Ra and Th Adsorption Coefficients in Lakes – Estimate Based on a Whole Ecosystem Study in Lake Kinneret (Sea of Galilee)
Lazar B, Weinstein Y & Kolodny Y

(2007) 86Sr/88Sr Ratio by ICP-MS-Mc as a New Tracer of Terrestrial Geochemical Processes
Halicz L, Segal I, Fruchter N, Lazar B & Stein M

(2004) Tracing 20 Years of U, Sr and Mg into Porites Coral from the Elat Reef
Schossberger M, Lazar B, Halicz L & Stein M

(2003) Radiocarbon as a Paleohydrological Tracer in the Dead Sea
Lazar B, Ken-Tor R, Burr G, Enzel Y & Stein M

(2002) Depletion Factor as a Paleodepth Indicator
Gazit-Yaari N, Lazar B & Erez J

(2002) Geochemical Evolution of Seawater Intruding into a Coastal Aquifer
Sivan O, Yechieli Y, Herut B & Lazar B

(2002) The Effect of Diagenesis on the U System in Live and Holocene Corals from the Red Sea
Lazar B

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