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All abstracts by Jong Ik Lee in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Geochemistry of Rittmann Volcano, Northern Victoria Land, Antarctica: Implications on Mantle Sources and Magma Evolution
Lee MJ, Lee JI, Kim J, Kyle P & Kim H

(2022) The Magmatic Evolution of the Holocene Eruptions of Mt. Melbourne, Antarctica: Constraints from Proximal Pyroclastic Sequences
Lee MJ, Kyle P, Lee JI & Kim G-B

(2022) Geochemical and Sr-Nd-Pb Isotopic Study of Volcanic Rocks from Rittmann Volcano, Antarctica: Insights into the Petrogenesis of Mantle-Derived Trachytes
Lee JI, Lee MJ & Kyle P

(2020) Holocence Eruption Episodes of Mt. Melbourne, Antarctica: Constraints from Proximal-Distal Tephra Correlations
Lee MJ, Kim GB, Kyle PR & Lee JI

(2020) Petrology of the most Recent Eruption of Melbourne Volcano, Antarctica: Insights into Evolution of the Magma Plumbing System
Lee JI, Lee MJ, Kim GB & Kyle PR

(2020) Seasonal Changes in Atmospheric Inputs of Trace Metals and Halogen Elements at EGRIP, Greenland
Lee K, Hong S-B, Lee JI & Hur SD

(2017) Geochemical and Isotopic Constraints on the Genesis and Evolution of Magmas from Mt. Melbourne Volcanic Filed, Antarctica
Lee MJ, Lee JI, Baek J & Han S

(2017) Recovery of Pristine Micrometeorites from Antarctic Snow Filed in Central Victoria Land
Lee JI, Tazawa K, Hirowatari T, Park CK, Lee MJ, Nakamura T & Baek J

(2017) The Pirrit Hills Granite with Tetrad REE Patterns in West Antarctica
Lee H-M, Lee S-G, Lee JI & Lee MJ

(2015) REE Tetrad Effect, Negative Eu Anomaly and Oxygen Isotope
Lee S-G, Asahara Y, Tanaka T, Ahn I, Lee S & Lee J

(2015) Geochemistry, U-Pb Zircon Geochronology, and Sr-Nd Isotopic Study of the Pirrit Hills Granite in West Antarctica
Lee H-M, Lee JI, Lee S-G & Lee MJ

(2015) Isotopic Composition (δ18O, δ17O and δD) of a Fumarolic Ice Tower at Mt. Melbourne Volcano, Antarctica
Han Y, Lee JI, Hur SD, Ham J-Y, Kim S & Lee J

(2015) Mineral Chemistry of Peridotite Xenoliths from the Sverrefjell Volcano, Western Spitsbergen: Implications for Mantle Metasomatism
Lee MJ, Lee JI, Kim T, Moon J-J & Han S

(2013) Age, Geochemistry and Sr-Nd-Pb Isotopes of Alkaline Lavas from Northern Victoria Land and Ross Sea Region, Antarctica
Lee MJ, Lee JI, Kim T & Lee J

(2012) Petrogenesis of Cenozoic Plateau Lavas from the Pali Aile Volcanic Filed and Morro Chico Volcano, Southern Patagonia in South America
Choo MK, Lee MJ, Lee JI, Kim KH & Park K-H

(2008) Meso-Cenozoic Calc-Alkaline Magmatism in the South Shetland Islands, Antarctica: Implications for Temporal Changes of the Mantle Sources
Lee MJ & Lee JI

(2007) Geochemistry of Basalt from the Eastern Woodlark Basin: Its Implications for the Mantle Heterogeneity
Park S-H, Michael P, Lee JI & Lee KY

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