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All abstracts by Liliana Lefticariu in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Arsenic Sequestration and Mobilization in AMD Sediments
Lefticariu L, Sutton SR, Lanzirotti A, Flynn TM, Pentrak M & Albert-Black C

(2016) Remediation of Aqueous Wastes from Hydrothermally-Altered Coal Mining
Lefticariu L, Behum PT & Bender KS

(2014) Geochemistry of Coal Refuse Disposal Alternatives: Results of Kinetic Testing
Behum P, Chugh Y & Lefticariu L

(2014) Chemistry and Mineralogy of Fe-Rich Precipitates from an AMD-Treatment System
Lefticariu L, Walters E, Behum P & Giesting P

(2013) Use of Sulfur Isotopes to Quantify Biological and Abiotic Processes Contributing to Sulfur Cycling in an AMD Treatment System
Walters ER, Pugh CW, Bender KS & Lefticariu L

(2012) Remediation of Coal-Mine Drainage by Sulfate-Reducing Bioreactor
Lefticariu L, Behum P, Pugh C & Bender K

(2010) Mercury Isotopes in Illinois Basin Coal: Organic and Inorganic Constituents
Lefticariu L, Blum JD & Gleason JD

(2010) Results of Simulated Weathering of Coal Stockpiles and Coal Refuse Disposal Areas
Behum PT, Lefticariu L & Chugh YP

(2010) Geochemical and Microbial Evaluation of the Tab Simco Treatment System
Segid YT, Behum PT, Bender KS, Pugh CC, Burns AS & Lefticariu L

(2009) Geochemical Evaluation of Coal Processing Facility Drainage: Preliminary Results of Kinetic Testing
Lefticariu L, Behum PT & Chugh YP

(2008) Sulphate Formation on Mars by Radiolytic Oxidation of Sulphide Minerals
Lefticariu L, Pratt L & Onstott TC

(2006) The oxygen isotopic composition of Precambrian cherts
Perry E & Lefticariu L

(2006) Radiolysis of Water as a Source of Bioavailable Chemical Energy
Pratt LM, Lefticariu L, Ripley EM & Onstott TC

(2005) Experimental Study of Sulfur Isotope Fractionation Associated with Pyrite Oxidation by H<->2<$>O<->2<$>
Lefticariu L, Pratt L, Ripley E & Bish D

(2004) The Gypsum/Anhydrite Transition: A Source of Water during Diagenesis?
Perry E & Lefticariu L

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