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All abstracts by Moritz F. Lehmann in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Speciation Influences Copper Mobilisation from Marine Sediments by the Chalcophore Methanobactin
Rushworth D, Kumar N, Noel V, van Helmond NAGM, Slomp CP, Lehmann MF, Schenkeveld WDC & Kraemer SM

(2021) Tracking the Role of Anammox in Microbial Nitrogen Cycling Using Nitrogen and Oxygen Isotopic Measurements
Magyar PM, Niederdorfer R, Hausherr D, Bürgmann H, Joss A, Mohn J & Lehmann MF

Costa LC, Keiser R, Lehmann MF, Alewell C & Lenz M

(2017) Laboratory and Field Investigations of Methanotrophic Copper Acquisition
Rushworth DD, Reyes C, Steinle L, Schenkeveld WDC, Lehmann MF & Kraemer SM

(2017) Cryptic Oxygen Control on Methane Oxidation and Production – More Than Just One Methane Paradox?
Lehmann MF, Niemann H, Bartosiewicz M, Blees J, Steinle L & Zopfi J

(2017) Non-CAnonical N2O Production Pathways Under Low Oxygen
Bristow LA, Padilla CC, Frame CH, Lehmann MF, Stewart FJ & Thamdrup B

(2017) Anaerobic Oxidation of Methane in Sulfate-Rich Lake Sediments
Su G, Niemann H, Zopfi J & Lehmann M

(2017) Nitrate-Dependent Microbial Oxidation of Fe(II) in Stratified Freshwater Lakes
Zopfi J, Walter XA, Tischer J, Picazo A, Lehmann MF & Camacho A

(2017) Fe2+ and H2S as Electron Donors during Benthic N Transformations in Anoxic Lake Sediments
Cojean A, Zopfi J, Robertson E, Thamdrup B & Lehmann MF

(2016) Identification of Mechanisms of Microbial Nitrate-Dependent Fe(II) Oxidation by N-Isotope Analysis
Visser A-N, Lehmann MF, Wankel SD & Kappler A

(2015) Molecular and Geochemical Constraints on Anaerobic Ammonium Oxidation (Anammox) in a Riparian Zone of the Seine Estuary (France)
Naeher S, Huguet A, Roose-Amsaleg CL, Laverman AL, Lehmann MF, Derenne S & Zopfi J

(2013) Sulphur Driven Denitrification Dominates N-Removal in the Water Column of Lake Lugano
Zopfi J, Wenk CB, Schweighoffer D, Blees J, Niemann H & Lehmann MF

(2013) Oceanographic Control on Methane Oxidation in the Water Column Offshore Svalbard
Steinle L, Graves C, Berndt C, Feseker T, Lehmann M, Treude T & Niemann H

(2013) Toxic Effects of Butyl Elastomers on Aerobic Methane Oxidation
Niemann H, Steinle LI, Blees JH, Krause S, Bussmann I, Treude T & Lehmann MF

(2013) Methanotrophic Bacteria Drive Seasonal Anoxia and the Formation of a Benthic Nepheloid Layer in a Deep Alpine Lake
Blees J, Niemann H, Wenk CB, Zopfi J, Veronesi M, Schubert CJ & Lehmann MF

(2013) Changes in Amino Acid Nitrogen Isotopic Composition Patterns during Phytoplankton Degradation
Carstens D, Schubert CJ, Deek A & Lehmann MF

(2012) Geochemical and Bacterial Evidence for 9800 Years of Meromixis and Euxinia in Alpine Lake Cadagno
Wirth SB, Gilli A, Dahl TW, Niemann H, Ravasi D, Lehmann MF, Peduzzi R, Peduzzi S, Tonolla M & Anselmetti FS

(2012) Links between Sediment Reactivity, Sediment Oxygen Demand, and the N Isotope Effect of Benthic N Loss: Model and Field Observations
Lehmann M & Alkhatib M

(2012) Environmental Controls on the Reactivity of Sedimentary Organic Matter in the St. Lawrence Estuary
Alkhatib M, Schubert CJ, del Giorgio PA, Gelinas Y & Lehmann MF

(2011) Aerobic Methanotrophs Drive the Formation of a Seasonal Anoxic Benthic Nepheloid Layer in a Monomictic Lake
Blees J, Niemann H, Wenk C, Zopfi J, Schubert CJ, Veronesi M & Lehmann M

(2011) Validation and Application of a Novel, Terrestrial Biomarker-Based Paleo Thermometer to Holocene Sediments of Lake Cadagno, Switzerland
Niemann H, Wirth SB, Stadnitskaia A, Gilli A, Anselmetti FS, Sinninghe Damsté JS, Schouten S, Hoppmans EC & Lehmann MF

(2011) Uncoupled Enrichment of 15N and 18O in Nitrate – Constraints on Nitrate Regeneration in Various Aquatic Environments
Lehmann MF, Wenk CB & Bourbonnais A

(2011) Alteration of Nitrogen Isotopic Signatures during Phytoplankton Degradation
Deek A, Lehmann MF & Schubert CJ

(2011) Tracing N2O Transformation Pathways in a Lake Ecosystem by N2O Isotopomer Analysis
Wenk CB, Blees HJR, Koba K, Casciotti KL, Schubert CJ, Veronesi M, Freymond CV, Niemann H, Zopfi J & Lehmann MF

(2010) First Lipid Biomarker Evidence for Aerobic Methane Oxidation in the Water Column of Lake Untersee (East Antarctica)
Niemann H, Elvert M, Wand U, Samarkin VA & Lehmann MF

(2009) Hot Spots for Biogeochemical Transformations in a Restored Riparian Groundwater System
Peter S, Durisch-Kaiser E, Lehmann M, Tockner K, Rechsteiner R & Wehrli B

(2009) Aerobic Respiration and Hypoxia in the Lower St. Lawrence Estuary: Constraints on Oxygen Sink Partitioning from Stable Isotope Ratios of Dissolved Oxygen
Lehmann MF, Barnett B, Bender ML, Gelinas Y, Gilbert D, Maranger R, Mucci A, Sundby B & Thibodeau B

(2009) Biogeochemical Signatures of the Anaerobic Methane Oxidation in a South Alpine Lake (Lake Lugano)
Niemann H, Hitz C, Blees J, Schubert C, Veronesi M, Simona M & Lehmann M

(2003) The Effect of Benthic Nitrogen Cycling on the δ15N and δ18O of Water-Column Nitrate
Lehmann M, Sigman D & Berelson W

(2000) Carbon and Nitrogen Stable Isotope Tracing of Biogeochemical Processes in Eutrophic Lake Lugano, Switzerland
Lehmann M, Bernasconi SM, Barbieri A & McKenzie JA

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