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All abstracts by Damien Lemarchand in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Natural Hydrogen Generation in Granitic Geothermal Reservoirs
Murray J, Wallentin A, Fritz B, Lemarchand D, Lucas Y & Schmittbuhl J

(2022) Fluid and Mineral Geochemistry during Experimental Seawater-Based Serpentinization
Hochscheid F, Ulrich M, Osselin F, Munoz M, Lemarchand D & Manatschal G

(2022) Unexpected Fast and Massive Release of Minor and Trace Elements during Silicate/Water Interactions
Lemarchand D, Perrone T, Boutin R & Daval D

(2022) Developing Novel Techniques for Reconstructing Past Fire Histories in South-Eastern Australia
Ryan R, Dosseto A, Lemarchand D, Dlapa P, Bradstock R, Thomas Z & Simkovic I

(2021) Investigating Boron Isotopes and FTIR as Proxies for Bushfire Severity
Lu S, Dosseto A, Lemarchand D, Dlapa P & Bradstock R

(2021) Boron Isotopes and FTIR Analysis to Determine Past Fire Occurrence in the Upper Nepean Catchment, NSW, Australia
Ryan R, Dosseto A, Lemarchand D, Dlapa P, Simkovic I & Bradstock R

(2020) Conditions of Fluid-Rock Interactions and Related Chemical Mobilities in Magma-Poor Rifted Margins: Insights from Rodingites and Serpentinites
Ulrich M, Amann M, Muñoz M, Lemarchand D, Pelt E, Sauter D & Manatschal G

(2020) Geochemical Study of Serpentinization along an Ocean-Continent Transition Zone: The Alpine Tethys as a Case Study (SE-Switzerland)
Hochscheid F, Ulrich M, Munoz M, Lemarchand D & Manatschal G

(2020) Unexpected Fast and Massive Release of Minor and Trace Elements during Silicate/Water Interactions
Lemarchand D, Perrone T, Boutin R, Saint-Lys R & Daval D

(2019) Multi Isotope (Li, B, U) Study of the Clay-Size Fraction in Weathering Profile
Lemarchand D, Négrel J & Chabaus F

(2019) Geochemical Tracers of Fluid-Rock Interactions in Exhumed Mantle Domains: A Comprehensive Study of Serpentinization Processes
Hochscheid F, Ulrich M, Munoz M, Lemarchand D & Manatschal G

(2018) The Use of Boron Isotopes to Explore Critical Zone Processes
Gaillardet J & Lemarchand D

(2017) Comparing Reactivity of Glasses with their Crystalline Equivalents: The Case Study of Albite
Perez A, Daval D, Lemarchand D, Fournier M, Vital M & Gin S

(2017) Compared Behavior of Boron, Lithium and Uranium Series Isotopes Fractionement during the Weathering of Granite (Strengbach Catchment, France)
Negrel J, Lemarchand D & Chabaux F

(2017) Boron Biogeochemical Cycle in Forest Ecosystem: A Question of Long Term Soil-Water-Plant Dynamic
Lemarchand D, Roux P & Turpault M-P

(2017) Lithium and Boron Isotopes for a New Coupled Geothermometer
Mombru M, Lemarchand D, Rihs S & Haffen S

(2016) The Biogeochemical Cycle of B and δ11B in a Forest Ecosystem
Roux P, Lemarchand D, Kirchen G, Redon P-O & Turpault MP

(2016) U-Series Disequilibria in Primary Minerals of Granitic Soil
Rihs S, Fries D, Gontier A, Pelt E, Lemarchand D, Chabaux F & Turpault M-P

(2016) B Isotopes in Plant Tissues Reveal the Dynamics of Soil/Plant Exchanges
Lemarchand D, Roux P & Turpault M-P

(2016) Investigating the Modern and Paleo-Weathering Regimes of Sedimentary Deposits Using Boron Isotopes
Ercolani C, Lemarchand D & Dosseto A

(2015) Modeling Weathering Rates in the Critical Zone with Stable Isotopes
Lemarchand D & diChiara Roupert R

(2015) Regional Control over B Concentration and δ11B Atmospheric Input
Roux P, Turpault M-P, Redon P-O & Lemarchand D

(2015) Weathering Regime Recorded by Boron Isotopes in Grain Size Fractions of Soil and River Sediments
Ercolani C, Lemarchand D, Voinot A, Bosia C & Dosseto A

(2014) Boron and Calcium Isotope Records of Glacial-Interglacial Weathering from River Paleochannel Sediments
Lemarchand D, Schmitt A-D & Dosseto A

(2014) Are Shallowest Soil Horizons Suitable for U-Series Soil-Production Rates Determination?
Rihs S, Gontier A, Pelt E, Lemarchand D, Chabaux F & Turpault M-P

(2013) Insight into Biotite Weathering Rate Using U-Series Isotopes
Rihs S, Gontier A, Turpault M-P, Lemarchand D, Voinot A & Chabaux F

(2013) Insight into the Use of U- and Th-Series Nuclides for Soil-Production Rates Determination
Gontier A, Rihs S, Pelt E, Turpault M-P, Lemarchand D & Chabaux F

(2013) Boron Behavior during Silicate Weathering: Clues from Bulk Mineral and Intracrystaline Investigations
Lemarchand D, Voinot A, Florian P, Neuville DR & Turpault M-P

(2012) Boron Isotopes as a Proxy of Primary Mineral Weathering Mechanisms
Voinot A, Lemarchand D, Chabaux F & Turpault M-P

(2012) Experimental Study for Determination of Trace Element Sequestration in Chrysotile
Lafay R, Montes-Hernandez G, Janots E & Lemarchand D

(2012) Model of Isotope Distribution during Water-Rock Interactions
Lemarchand D & di Chiara Roupert R

(2011) Experimental Weathering of Micas in Acid Soils Conditions: Contribution of Boron Isotopes
Voinot A, Lemarchand D, Turpault M-P & Chabaux F

(2011) Short-Lived Nuclides of the U and Th-Series Probing Recent Pedogenic Processes in Soils
Rihs S, Prunier J, Thien B, Lemarchand D, Pierret M-C & Chabaux F

(2011) Near Neutral Seawater pH 3.45 Billion Years ago
Lemarchand D, Van Bergen M, Jeambrun M, Karpoff A-M & Van Cappellen P

(2009) High Performance Automated Ion Chromatography Separation for Ca Isotope Measurements in Geological and Biological Samples
Schmitt A-D, Gangloff S, Cobert F, Lemarchand D, Stille P & Chabaux F

(2008) Bio-Geochemical Cycles in Acidic Soils from a Granitic Watershed
Pierret M-C, Stille P, Chabaux F, Viville D, Prunier J & Lemarchand D

(2008) Time Constants of Chemical Transfers in a Forested Ecosystem Inferred from Short-Lived Nuclides (226-228Ra, 210Pb and 137Cs)
Rihs S, Thien B, Prunier J, Lemarchand D, Pierret M-C, Stille P & Chabaux F

(2008) Distribution of Stable Isotopes in Soil: A Clue to Discriminate between Lithogenic and Biogenic Fluxes
Lemarchand D, Cividini D, Lemarchand E, Pierret M-C & Chabaux F

(2007) Vegetation Regulates Dissolved B in Forested Watershed
Cividini D, Lemarchand D, Boutin R & Chabaux F

(2007) Chemical and Isotopic Variations of Surface Waters at a Small Catchment Scale, Lithological vs Biological Controls (the Strengbach Case)
Pierret M-C, Chabaux F, Prunier J, Stille P, Viville D & Lemarchand D

(2007) Origin of Calcium Isotope Fractionation in River Waters: Evidence from the Strengbach Catchment, France
Cenki-Tok B, Chabaux F, Lemarchand D, Stille P, Bagard M-L & Pierret M-C

(2001) Boron Isotopes in Rivers: A Source or Fractionation Control?
Lemarchand D, Gaillardet J & Allègre CJ

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