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All abstracts by Kono H. Lemke in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2014) Mass Spectrometric and Quantum Chemical Studies of Gold Speciation in Water Vapor
Lemke K

(2011) FT-ICR Mass Spectrometry of Carbonate Clusters: Magic Clusters and pH Effects
Lemke K, Sadjadi S & Seward T

(2011) The Stability and Structure of Mg2+ Bicarbonate and Carbonate Ion Pairs – An Experimental and Theoretical Study
Stefansson A, Lemke K, Benezeth P & Schott J

(2011) FT-ICR/MS and Quantum Chemical Studies of Aqueous Polyoxometalates
Taczkowska M, Lemke K, Sadjadi S & Seward T

(2011) An EXAFS and ab Initio Study of Aquated Cd2+ and Chlorocadmium(II) Complexes up to 300℃
Seward T, Lemke K, Henderson M, Charnock J & Sadjadi A

(2010) FT-ICR/MS and Quantum Chemical Study of the Aqueous Microsolvation of Cadmium Chloride Complexes
Lemke KH, Sadjadi SA & Seward TM

(2009) The Structure and Stability of Metal Water Clusters in High Temperature Low Density Fluids
Lemke K, Butt S & Seward T

(2009) Thermodynamic and Structural Stability of (CO2)n n=2-4: An ab Initio and QTAIM Study
Sadjadi S, Butt S & Lemke K

(2008) Structure, Stability and Distribution of Neutral Water Clusters in High- Temperature Low-Density Fluids
Lemke K & Seward T

(2007) Solvation Processes in Steam: ab Initio Calculations of Ion-Solvent Structures and Clustering Equilibria
Lemke K & Seward T

(2006) The Stability of biological Nucleobases and Nucleosides in Hydrothermal Fluids
Lemke K & Seward T

(2003) Equilibrium Formation of Oligoglycines from Glycine in Aqueous Hydrothermal Media
Lemke K, Rosenbauer R, Bird D & Ross D

(2002) Hydrothermal Stability of Glycine and the Formation of Oligoglycine: Kinetics of Peptide Formation at 260℃ and 200 Bars
Lemke KH, Ross DS, Bischoff JL, Rosenbauer RJ & Bird DK

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