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All abstracts by Timothy Lenton in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Upper Limits on Oceanic Anoxia during the PETM: A Uranium Isotope Perspective
Clarkson M, Bagard M-L, Dickson A, Andersen M, Vance D & Lenton T

(2018) Stepwise Oxygenation of the Paleozoic Atmosphere
Krause A, Mills B, Zhang S, Planavsky N, Lenton T & Poulton S

(2018) How Marine Eukaryote Evolution Could Have Caused Neoproterozoic-Paleozoic Oceanic Oxygenation Events
Lenton T & Daines S

(2017) Double De-Oxygenation: Unravelling OAE 2 with U Isotopes
Clarkson M, Stirling C, Jenkyns H, Dickson A, Porcelli D, Pogge von Strandmann P, Moy C, Cooke I & Lenton T

(2017) What was the Proterozoic Oxygen Level and What Regulated it?
Lenton T, Daines S & Mills B

(2017) Reconstructing Variations in Atmospheric O2 during the Paleozoic and Mesozoic
Mills B, Krause A, Finnie C, Belcher C, Lenton T, Newton R & Shields G

(2017) Understanding the Hirnantian: Evidence from Lithium Isotopes and Carbon Cycle Models
Pogge von Strandmann P, Desrochers A, Murphy M, Finlay A, Selby D & Lenton T

(2016) Subduction Zones, CO2 Degassing, and Recovery from the Cryogenian Icehouse
Mills B, Scotese C, Walding N & Lenton T

(2015) Ocean Acidification and the Permo-Triassic Mass Extinction: Process and Manifestation
Kasemann S, Wood R, Clarkson M, Lenton T, Daines S, Richoz S, Ohnemueller F, Meixner A, Poulton S & Tipper E

(2015) A Paleozoic Oxygenation Event Driven by the First Land Plants
Lenton T, Mills B & Daines S

(2015) Theme 08: Evolution of Earth's Environment
Lenton T

(2015) Atmospheric Oxygen Regulation at Low Proterozoic Levels
Daines S, Mills B & Lenton T

(2015) A Deep Time Perspective on Ocean pH
Kasemann S, Wood R, Ohnemüller F, Clarkson M, Lenton T & Prave A

(2014) Modelling the Co-evolution of Eukaryotes and Ocean Oxygenation in the Neoproterozoic
Daines S & Lenton T

(2013) Redox-Sensitive Controls on the Proterozoic Nitrogen Cycle
Daines S & Lenton T

(2013) Biological Controls on Oxygenation in the Neoproterozoic and Paleozoic
Lenton T

(2013) Global Silicate Weathering: Not Always in Control of Climate, and Not Required to Balance Global Degassing
Mills B, Watson A & Lenton T

(2012) Selection for Gaia at Multiple Scales
Daines S, Boyle R, Clark J, Williams H & Lenton T

(2012) Modelling Long Term Carbon and Sulphur Cycling over the Proterozoic
Mills B, Watson A, Goldblatt C & Lenton T

(2012) A Spatially-Structured Model for Proterozoic Ocean Biogeochemistry
Daines S, Ridgwell A & Lenton T

(2012) Evolution of Bioturbation Buffered Neoproterozoic Oxygenation
Boyle R & Lenton T

(2012) Did Life Turn the Global Weathering Thermostat Back up after Turning it Down?
Lenton T

(2011) Controls on and Effects of Surface Ocean Oxygenation Prior to the Great Oxidation
Daines S, Clark J & Lenton T

(2011) Land Colonisation and Earth System Change: A Recurring Pattern
Lenton T

(2011) Long Period Oscillations in the Neoproterozoic Carbon Cycle
Mills B, Watson A, Goldblatt C, Boyle R & Lenton T

(2010) What Happened in the Neoproterozoic? Investigations Using a Simplified Earth System Model
Mills B, Boyle R, Goldblatt C, Lenton T & Watson A

(2009) There was Probably More Nitrogen in the Archean Atmosphere -­ This Would Have Helped Resolve the Faint Young Sun Paradox
Goldblatt C, Matthews A, Claire M, Lenton T, Watson A & Zahnle K

(2009) Quantifying DMS-Cloud-Climate Interactions Using the ECHAM5-HAMMOZ Model
Thomas MA, Suntharalingam P, Rast S, Pozzoli L, Feichter J & Lenton T

(2009) Agent-Based Modelling of Archean Biogeochemistry and the Great Oxidation
Clark J, Williams H, Lenton T & Watson A

(2009) Oxygen Oases and the Great Oxidation
Daines S & Lenton T

(2007) Bistability of Atmospheric Oxygen and the Great Oxidation
Goldblatt C, Lenton T & Watson A

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