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All abstracts by Eric Lewin in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2015) How Subduction Zones Make the OIB Isotopic Array
Chauvel C & Lewin É

(2013) A Statistical Approach to the Nd Isotopes Distribution in the Oceans
Cogez A, Allègre C, Meynadier L & Lewin E

(2011) From Compositional to P-T-Deformation-T(Relative Age)-Redox Maps at the Thin Section Scale
Vidal O, Lanari P, Dubacq B, Munoz M & Lewin E

(2011) Geochronological, Geochemical and Growth Constrains of Alpine Clefts from U-Th-Pb in Monazite
Janots E, Berger A, Gnos E, Whitehouse M & Lewin E

(2010) The Pyrophyllitic Substitution: Atomistic Investigation, Implications on the Stability of Micas and Clays, and Why Interlayer Water Matters
Dubacq B, Vidal O & Lewin E

(2007) Recycled Oceanic Crust and Sediments Control the Hf-Nd Mantle Array
Chauvel C, Lewin E, Carpentier M & Marini J-C

(2007) Different Origin for Mafic and Inter-Mediate/Felsic Lavas from Moorea Island (Society, French Polynesia)
Hemond C, Chauvel C, Maury R & Lewin E

(2007) In situ Crystallisation Processes in the Miocene PX1 Pyroxenite Intrusion (Fuerteventura)
Allibon J, Bussy F & Lewin E

(2000) Geochemical Evolution of an Heterogeneous, Open and Convective Reservoir: A Theoretical Approach
Lewin É & Allègre CJ

(2000) Systematics for the Bulk Chemical Composition of the Earth Planet
Allègre C, Manhès G & Lewin É

(2000) Models of Secular Evolution of the Boron Isotopic Ratio in the Oceans: Implications for Oceanic Paleo-pH Reconstruction
Lemarchand D, Gaillardet J, Lewin E & Allègre C

(2000) Trace Elements Systematics in Basalts: A Global Approach
Joron J, Treuil M, Lewin É & Allègre C

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