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All abstracts by Qiu-Li Li in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Hydrothermal Quartz Records Meteoric/Magmatic Water Interaction and as a Potential Paleoaltimetry
Li Y, Li Q-L & Allen M

(2018) Toba Super-Eruptions Through Diverse Magma Storage Revealed by Zircon
Liu P-P, Chung S-L, Li X-H, Li Q-L & Lai Y-M

(2018) Late Event Record in Rutile Inclusions of Early Garnet: Indication for Invalid Shielding Effect
Li Q, Zhou T, Shi Y, Liu Y, Liao X, Ling X & Tang G

(2018) Geochronology of Leucogranites in Chomolungma Area, Southern Tibet
Liu X-C, Yang L, Li Q-L & Wu F-Y

(2017) Zircon O-Li Isotopic Constraints on the Origins of the Cretaceous Low-δ18O Nianzishan Granite, NE China
Gao Y-Y, Griffin W, Chu M-F, O'Reilly S, Pearson N, Li Q-L & Li X-H

(2015) Synchronous Initiation of the 2nd Episode of Worldwide Sturtian Glaciation: SIMS Zircon U-Pb and O Isotope Evidence from the Jiangkou Group in South China
Lan Z, Li X, Li Q & Zhang Q

(2014) Improving Analytical Precision and Spatial Resolution of SIMS Baddeleyite Geochronology
Li X-H, Li Q-L, Liu Y & Tang G-Q

(2011) Precise Age Determination of the Paleozoic Kimberlites in North China Craton and Hf Isotopic Constraint on the Evolution of its Subcontinental Lithospheric Mantle
Li Q-L, Wu F-Y, Li X-H, Qiu Z-L, Liu Y, Yang Y-H & Tang G-Q

(2009) SIMS U-Th-Pb Dating of Kimberlitic Perovskite
Li Q, Li X, Wu F & Yang J

(2009) Precise Pb/Pb Age Determination of Phanerozoic Baddeleyites by Multi-Collector SIMS
Li X-H, Li Q-L, Liu Y & Yang J-H

(2008) Penglai Zircon – A Potential New Reference for Microbeam Analysis of U-Pb Age and O-Hf Isotopes
Li X-H, Long W-G, Guo C-H, Liu Y, Li Q-L, Hu Z-C & Tao H

(2007) Can Rutile Thermometry Link to Rutile U-Pb Age?
Chen Z & Li Q

(2007) Tectonic Implication of Detrital Muscovite from Carboniferous Sedimentary Rocks in the Northern Dabie Mountains, China: Evidence from Single Grain Rb-Sr Dating
Chen F, Li Q, Li X & Li R

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