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All abstracts by Axel Liebscher in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2014) CO2 in Boiling Ore Systems – a Fundamental Control on Metal Fractionation Factors?
Rempel K, Liebscher A, Heinrich W, Dulski P & Schettler G

(2013) An Inverse Modelling Approach for Assessing CO2-Exposure Experiments on Ketzin Sandstone
De Lucia M, Fischer S, Liebscher A & Kühn M

(2013) Effects of SO2-NO2 Impurities in the CO2 Stream on Mineral Solubility
Fischer S & Liebscher A

(2013) The Vapour-Brine Partitioning of Uranium in Boiling Ore Systems
Rempel K, Heinrich W, Liebscher A & Dulski P

(2012) The Vapour-Liquid Fractionation of Cu Stable Isotopes: A New Tool for Porphyry Research
Rempel K, Romer R & Liebscher A

(2012) Does Reservoir Rock Integrity Change during Geological CO2 Storage in a Saline Aquifer?
Fischer S, Liebscher A & De Lucia M

(2011) An Experimental Study of Brine-CO2 Metal Fractionation: Applications to the Geological Storage of CO2
Rempel K, Liebscher A, Heinrich W & Schettler G

(2011) Long-Term CO2-Exposure Experiments – Mineralogical Results and Reactive Geochemical Modeling
Fischer S & Liebscher A

(2010) Geochemical Effects of CO2 on Brine-Saturated Reservoir Sandstones
Fischer S, Liebscher A, Wandrey M & Franz G

(2007) Ca-Sr Fractionation between Margarite, Anorthite, Calcite, and Fluid at 400-500℃ and 3.5-5 kbar
Thiele M, Doersam G, Franz G, Liebscher A & Gottschalk M

(2007) Vapor-Liquid Fractionation of B, Li, and Cl Stable Isotopes: Experimental Constraints at 400 and 450℃, 20 to 42 MPa
Liebscher A, Barnes J, Heinrich W, Meixner A, Romer RL & Sharp Z

(2007) Experimental Determination of Ca-Sr Distribution between Zoisite-Fluid and Lawsonite-Fluid
Doersam G, Liebscher A, Wunder B, Gottschalk M & Franz G

(2007) Onset of MORB Melting: High-Pressure Eclogite-Facies Pegmatites as an Example of Internal Fluid Recycling
Franz G, Liebscher A, Frei D & Dulski P

(2005) Crystal Chemical Controls on Rare Earth Element Partitioning between Epidotes and Melts: An Experimental and Theoretical Study
Frei D, Liebscher A, Wittenberg A & Shaw C

(2005) Magmatic Zoisite from High-Pressure Pegmatites, Münchberg Massif, Germany: A Potential P, T, t, x Indicator
Liebscher A, Franz G, Frei D & Münker C

(2005) Experimental Determination of the Geochemical Cycle of Boron and its Isotopes from the Slab to the Surface
Liebscher A, Wunder B, Schmidt C, Romer R & Heinrich W

(2004) Liquid–vapor Fractionation of B and Br in the H-Na-B-O-Cl-Br System: An Experimental Study and its Application to Nature
Liebscher A, Heinrich W, Lüders V & Schettler G

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