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All abstracts by Peng Liu in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) The Timing and Duration of HT-UHT Metamorphism Constrained by Zircon U-Pb-Hf and Trace Element Signatures
Jiao S, Guo J, Evans NJ, Mcdonald BJ, Liu P, Ouyang D & Fitzsimons ICW

(2020) Mid-Proterozoic Atmospheric O2 Levels Re-calculated from D17O Values in Sulfates Using a Detailed 1-D Photochemical Model
Liu P, Liu J, Reinhard C, Planavsky N, Babikov D, Boering K & Kasting J

(2020) Redox Mapping of Cr(VI) and Cr(III) in Biochar Particles Using Confocal Micro-X-Ray Fluorescence Imaging
Liu P, Ptacek C, Blowes D & Finfrock YZ

(2020) Climate and Ocean Circulations during the “Boring Billion”
Liu P, Liu Y, Hu Y, Yang J & Sergei P

(2019) Can Organic Haze and O2 Plumes Explain Patterns of Sulfur Mass-Independent Fractionation during the Archean?
Liu P, Harman C & Kasting J

(2018) Position-Specific Isotope Compositions of Propane from Unconventional Natural Gases of Woodford Shale, OK
Horita J, Liu P, Liu C & McGovern G

(2017) Position-Specific Isotope Compositions of Propane from Natural Gases by Quantitative NMR
Liu C, Mcgovern G, Liu P, Zhao H, Larson T & Horita J

(2017) Integration of Synchrotron-Based Spectroscopic Techniques and Non-Traditional Stable Isotope Measurements to Define Reaction Mechanisms Controlling Contaminant Transport
Ptacek C, Jamieson-Hanes J, Shrimpton H, Veeramani H, Elena K, Liu P, Wang A, Amos R & Blowes D

(2014) Biomarkers as Lithologic Indicators of Marine Petroleum Source Rock
Cao T, Li M, Jiang Q, Liu P & Tao G

(2012) Characterization of Various Biochars Used for Mercury Treatment and Assessment of their Potential to Release Soluble Components
Liu P, Ptacek CJ, Blowes DW, Berti WR & Landis RC

(2012) The Characterization and Evaluation of Different Biochars as Reactive Materials for Mercury (II) Stabilization
Wang A, Liu P, Ptacek C, Blowes D, Landis R, Berti W & Dyer J

(2011) Mechanisms Controlling the Release, Transport and Attenuation of Mercury in Riverine Sediments
Ptacek C, Desrochers K, Gibson B, Liu P, Wang O, Tordiff J, Daugherty S, Blowes K, Van de Valk J, Lindsay M & Blowes D

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