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All abstracts by Xijun Liu in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Geochronology and Petrogenesis of Late Carboniferous Sanukitoids in Northern West Junggar, NW China
Zhang Z, Liu X & Shi Y

(2020) Crust Recycling Produces the Large-Scale Mantle Domains: Constraints from Pb Isotopic Evolutions of the Paleo-Asian and Tethyan Mantles
Liu X, Xu J, Castillo PR & Wang B

(2014) Tectonic Background of Guixi Mafic-Type Gold Deposits, South China: Mantle Plume-Subduction Interaction
Liu X, Huang W, Liao S, Shi Y, Sun Y, Xu J & Xiong B

(2014) The Petrogenesis of Shijia Gold-Bearing Mafic Rocks in Guangxi, South China: Implications for Gold Deposit Tectonic Background
Wang B, Liu X, Huang W, Liao S, Shi Y, Sun Y, Xu J & Xiong B

(2014) Tectonic Evolutionary History of the Qinling Orogenic Belt in Precambrian, Central China
Shi Y, Pei X, Liu X & Zhu Y

(2014) The Dupal Peak Isotopic Characteristics of Paleo-Asian Mantle Domains
Liu X, Guo L, Castillo P, Xiao W, Xu J, Shi Y & Xiong B

(2014) The Bama Gold Deposit Tectonic Background in Guangxi, South China: Evidence from Geochemical Study of Gold-Bearing Mafic Rocks
Wang B, Liu X, Huang W, Liao S, Shi Y, Sun Y, Xu J & Xiong B

(2014) The Study and Development of CHIM Geoelectrochemical Method for Exploration of Concealed Mineralisation in China
Luo X, Wen M, Ouyang F & Liu X

(2014) The Geoelectrochemical-Extraction Measurement Method to Look for Hidden Gold Ore Deposit
Luo X, Liu X, Wen M & Ouyang F

(2014) The Geochemical Characteristics of Longchuan Gold-Bearing Mafic Rocks in Guangxi, South China
Shi Y, Liu X, Huang W, Liao S, Sun Y, Xu J & Xiong B

(2013) Ore Genesis of the Longshan Sb-Au Deposit, Hunan, China: Evidence from Fluid Inclusions
Pang B, Zhang M, Yang D, Liu X & Wang B

(2010) The Dupal Isotope Anomaly in the Paleo-Asian Sub-Oceanic Mantle: Nd-Sr-Pb Isotope Evidence from Ophiolites in Northern China
Liu X, Castillo P, Xu J & Hou Q

(2009) Geochemistry and Rock Association in the Karamaili Paleo-Asian Ophiolite in East Junggar, NW China Suggest Ridge-Trench Interaction
Liu X, Castillo P, Xu J & Hou Q

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