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All abstracts by Gordon D. Love in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2014) Geochemical Evidence for Ferruginous Marine Conditions Following the Paleoproterozoic Demise of Iron Formation Deposition
Li C, Planavsky N, Love G, Lyons T, Reinhard C, Feng L, Huang J, Zhang Q & Chu X

(2014) Methane Sources in Arctic Thermokarst Lakes on the North Slope of Alaska
Matheus Carnevali P, Rohrssen M, Williams M, Love G, Michaud A, Adams H, Priscu J, Berisford D, Klesh A, Leichty J, Hand K & Murray A

(2014) Transformations and Fates of Lipid Biomarkers in Microbial Mat Ecosystems
Jahnke L, Lee C, Parenteau M, Carlson M, Kubo M, Love G & Des Marais D

(2014) Compound-Specific Carbon Isotopes Reveal Distinct Organic Carbon Sources Through the Shuram Excursion from the Sultanate of Oman
Lee C, Love G, Fike D, Fischer W, Grotzinger J & Summons R

(2013) Palaeozoic Biosphere and Climate: Modes of Marine Primary Production and Methane Cycling Feedbacks
Rohrssen M, Love GD & Reinhard CT

(2013) Carbon Isotope and Lipid Biomarker Stratigraphy from Organic-Rich Strata Through the Neoproterozoic Shuram Excursion in South Oman
Lee C, Fike D, Love G, Sessions A, Grotzinger J, Summons R & Fischer W

(2012) Geochemical Perpectives on Local Versus Global Ocean Redox at 1.64 Ga
Kelly A, Lyons T, Alsop E, Love G, Planavsky N, Kendall B & Anbar A

(2012) A Highly Stratified Cryogenian Marine Basin Recorded in the Datangpo Formation, South China
Li C, Love G, Lyons T, Scott C, Feng L, Huang J, Chang H, Zhang Q & Chu X

(2012) Fluctuations in Precambrian Atmospheric and Oceanic Oxygen Levels: A New Precambrian Paradigm Emerging?
Partin C, Bekker A, Planavsky N, Gill B, Li C, Podkovyrov V, Maslov A, Konhauser K, Love G & Lyons T

(2012) Tracking Proterozoic Biospheric Evolution and Marine Redox Structure Using Lipid Biomarkers
Love G, Kelly A, Li C & Rohrssen M

(2011) Iron and Other Metals in the Proterozoic Oceans
Planavsky N, Scott C, McGoldrick P, Li C, Reinhard C, Love G, Bekker A & Lyons T

(2011) Microbially Mediated Iron Reduction in the Methanic Zone of Sediments from the Western Argentine Basin
Riedinger N, Formolo MJ, Henkel S, Reese BK, Mills HJ, Voßmeyer A, Arnold GL, Sawicka J, Tomasini J, Love GD, Lyons TW & Kasten S

(2009) A Geochemical Redox Model for Ediacaran Ocean Chemistry in Nanhua Basin, South China
Li C, Love G, Lyons T, Sessions A, Fike D & Chu X

(2009) C-Isotopic Studies of Hydrocarbons in Neoproterozoic to Cambrian Samples
Kelly A, Rothman D, Love G, Grosjean E, Fike D, Zumberge J & Summons R

(2009) Molecular Biomarker Records from Mid-Proterozoic Sedimentary Rocks and Kerogens
Love G, Li C, Bowden S, Stalvies C & Summons R

(2007) Carbonate Concretions as a Window to the Evolving Chemistry of the Early Ocean and Atmosphere
Lyons T, Raiswell R, Robinson A, Scott C, Chu X, Li C, Love G, Sessions A & Gill B

(2006) Constraining the timing of basal metazoan radiation using molecular biomarkers and U-Pb isotope dating
Love GD, Fike DA, Grosjean E, Stalvies C, Grotzinger J, Bradley AS, Bowring S, Condon D & Summons RE

(2006) Molecular Evidence for Prolonged Photic Zone Euxinia at the Meishan and East Greenland Sections of the Permian Triassic Boundary
Summons R, Love G, Hayes L, Cao C, Jin YJ, Shen S, Grice K & Foster C

(2006) Carbon and hydrogen isotopic analysis of hydrocarbons from the South Oman Salt Basin
Summons R, Grosjean E, Love G, Colonero C, Sylva S, Hayes J & Sessions A

(2004) Purple Sulfur Bacteria in an Intensely Stratified Paleoproterozoic Sea
Brocks J, Love G, Summons R & Logan G

(2004) Rapid Screening of Microbial Cultures and Organic Macromolecules to Assess Biomarker Lipid Contents Using Catalytic Hydropyrolysis
Love G, Bowden S, Snape C, Jahnke L & Summons R

(2004) Hydropyrolytic Release of Hopane and Sterane Biomarkers from 2.7 Ga Kerogens
Eigenbrode J, Freeman K, Love G, Snape C & Summons R

(2002) Alkylphenols and Light Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Oilfield Waters are Produced in Source Rocks, not from Petroleum Hydrolysis
Aplin AC, Love G, Dale J, Bennett B, Taylor G & Larter S

(2002) Hydropyrolysis of the Organic Macromolecular Material in the Murchison Meteorite
Watson JS, Sephton M, Love G, Verchovsky S, Snape C & Gilmour I

(2000) Exploring Biomarker Lipid Information Preserved in Complex Macromolecules
Love GD

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