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All abstracts by Gregory V. Lowry in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Hydrophobic Interactions at the Phylloplane Modulating Adhesion, Uptake and in Planta Fate of Foliarly Deposited Particles
Avellan A, Morais BP, Miranda M, Dias DS, Lowry GV & Rodrigues SM

(2021) Towards Efficient and Targeted Delivery of Nutrient and Micronutrient Nanomaterials in Crop Plants
Lowry GV, Zhang Y, Giraldo JP & Tilton RD

(2021) Linking Phytoavailability of Inorganic Nanoparticles with their Transformation in the Rhizosphere
Rodrigues SM, Rodrigues S, Miranda M, Martins N, Trindade T, Gao X, Lowry GV & Avellan A

(2017) Elucidating the Mechanisms of CuO ENM Bacterial Toxicity Using Time-Resolved Transcriptional Assays
Moore JD, Avellan A, Lowry GV & Gregory KB

(2017) Influence of Nanoparticle Properties on Bioavailability in Spring Wheat
Laughton S, Gao X, Spielman-Sun E & Lowry G

(2017) Long Term Behavior of Metal Nanoparticles after Low Dose Chronic Addition in Simulated Freshwater Wetlands
Avellan A, Spielman-Sun E, Simonin M, Colman BP, Cooper J, Geitner NK, Bernhardt E, Wiesner M, Unrine J & Lowry GV

(2017) Unraveling the Complex Environmental Fate of Engineered Nanomaterials Through Synchrotron X-Ray Spectroscopy
Lowry G, Spielman-Sun E, Avellan A & Stegemeier J

(2017) Partitioning of Uranyl between Ferrihydrite and Humic Substances at Acidic and Circum-Neutral pH
Dublet G, Lezama Pacheco J, Bargar JR, Fendorf S, Kumar N, Lowry GV & Brown GE

(2014) Use of Elemental Composition to Quantify Engineered Nanoparticles in Environmental Samples
Montano M, Ranville J, Lowry G & Bediei H

(2014) The Validation of the Setschenow Equation for Selected Petroleum Hydrocarbons in Hypersaline Solutions
Burant AS, Lowry GV, Hakala A & Karamalidis AK

(2013) Setschenow Constants for Prediction of Salting-Out of Petroleum Hydrocarbons in Brines
Burant A, Lowry G & Karamalidis A

(2013) Are There Unique “Nano” Effects from Exposure to Metal and Metal Oxide Nanoparticles? – Yes and No!
Lowry GV, Ma R, Levard C, Colman BP, Bernhardt ES, Brown, Jr. GE & Wiesner MR

(2013) Beneficial Uses of Engineered Nanoparticles and the Behavior of Natural and Engineered Nanoparticles in the Environment
Brown G, Levard C, Cismasu C, Michel M, Ma R, Wang Y, Calas G, Morin G & Lowry G

(2013) Impact of Natural Sulfidation of Silver Nanoparticles on Bioavailability and Biouptake
Stegemeier J, Lowry G, Dale A, Levard C, Schwab F, Colman B, Bernhardt E, Casman E & Weisner M

(2013) The Effect of Chloride on the Dissolution Rate of Silver Nanoparticles and Toxicity to E. coli
Levard C, Mitra S, Yang T, Jew A, Badireddy AR, Lowry GV & Brown Jr. GE

(2011) Influence of Thiol-Containing Ligands for the Aggregation and Dissolution of Metallic Silver Nanomaterials
Gondikas A, Reinsch B, Lowry G & Hsu-Kim H

(2011) Interaction of NOM and NZVI: Implication for NZVI’s Toxicity and Reactivity in the Environment
Chen J, Xiu Z, Lowry G & Alvarez P

(2011) Transformations of Silver Nanoparticles in Environmental Systems
Reinsch B, Ma R, Levard C, Kabengi N, Brown G, Kim C & Lowry G

(2010) Bioavailability of Polymer Nanoparticle Coatings
Kirschling T, Golas P, Tilton R, Gregory K & Lowry G

(2010) Transformation Products from Inorganic Ligand Promoted Oxidation/Dissolution of Silver Nanoparticles
Reinsch B, Ma R, Kim C & Lowry G

(2010) Reactivity of Ferrihydrite
Erbs JJ, Berquø T, Banerjee SK, Lowry GV, Reinsch BC, Gilbert B & Penn RL

(2010) Using μ-XRF and XAS to Characterize the Fate and Bioavailability of Manufactured Nanoparticles in Soil
Unrine J, Shoults-Wilson A, Reinsch B, Tsyusko O, Lowry G & Bertsch P

(2009) Oxidation and Transformation of Nanoscale Zero-Valent Iron in Geochemically Relevant Waters
Reinsch B, Kim C & Lowry G

(2009) CEINT and iCEINT: An International Collaboration to Assess the Environmental Implications of Nanotechnology
Lowry G, Wiesner M, Rose J & Bottero JY

(2007) EXAFS Analysis of Reactive Nanoscale Iron Oxidation in Water
Reinsch B, Lowry G & Kim C

(2007) Speciation of Mercury in Mining Environments
Brown, Jr. GE, Slowey A, Jew A, Kim CS, Lowry GV, Shaw S, Gustin MS & Rytuba JJ

(2002) Mercury Speciation in Bulk and Colloidal Mine Wastes: Origins, Influences, and Implications
Kim C, Shaw S, Lowry GV, Rytuba JJ & Brown, Jr. GE

(2001) The Influence of Colloidal Phases on Hg-Transport from Mercury Mine Waste Tailings: A Laboratory Case Study of the New Idria and Sulphur Bank Mines, California, USA
Shaw S, Lowry GV, Kim CS, Rytuba JJ & Brown Jr. GE

(2001) Speciation of Mercury-Bearing Mine Wastes Using X-Ray Absorption Fine Structure (XAFS) Spectroscopy: Physical and Geochemical Effects
Kim CS, Lowry GV, Shaw S, Rytuba JJ & Brown Jr. GE

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