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All abstracts by Béatrice Luais in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) An Experimental Study of the REEs Solubilities in Carbonate-Bearing Aqueous Solutions Under Hydrothermal Conditions
Kokh M, Truche L, Luais B, Boiron M-C, Peiffert C, Schumacher A & Bychkov AY

(2019) Metal Formation in Ordinary Chondrite
Florin G, Alard O, Luais B & Rushmer T

(2019) Experimental Germanium Isotopic Fractionation Under HT, fO2-controlled Conditions of Core Formation and Accretion
Luais B, Phelipeau A, Toplis M, Cividini D, Tissandier L, Florin G & Alard O

(2019) Application of the Re-Os and Sm-Nd Isotope Decay Couples to Dating of Unconformity-Related U Deposits
Chernonozhkin S, Reisberg L, Luais B, Chemillac R & Mercadier J

(2017) An Experimental Study of REE Solubility in Carbonate-Bearing Aqueous Solutions Under Hydrothermal Conditions
Kokh M, Truche L, Luais B & Boiron MC

(2017) Origin of Pallasites from Chemical and Isotopic Composition of Siderophile and Volatile Element
Luais B, Gondoin D, De Gournay T & Cividini D

(2017) Germanium Isotopic Variations in Metals in H Chondrites: Implications for Metal-Silicate Segregation
Florin G, Luais B & Rushmer T

(2013) Ge, Related Trace Elements, and Ge Isotopes in Sphalerite from the Saint-Salvy Deposit (France) by LA-ICP-MS and MC-ICP-MS
Belissont R, Boiron M-C, Luais B & Cathelineau M

(2013) Iron Isotope Systematics of the Baima Magmatic Fe-Ti-(V) Oxide Deposit, SW China
Liu P-P, Zhou M-F, Luais B, Cividini D & Rollion-Bard C

(2011) Nd and Hf Model Ages in the Western Gneiss Region, Norway: A New Way to Better Understand Mantle-Crust Evolution
Martin C, Duchêne S, Luais B & Deloule E

(2011) What Real Constraints do Cherts Bring on Precambrian Surface Temperatures ?
Chaussidon M, Lach P, Robert F, Boiron M-C & Luais B

(2011) Preliminary High-Resolution Ge/Si Data in Early Archaean BIFs
Luais B, Lach P, Thomassot E, Chaussidon M & Boiron M-C

(2007) Carbon and Iron Isotopic Evidence for Photosynthesis in a 3.5 Ga Old Shallow Marine Depositional Environment
van Zuilen M, Thomazo C, Luais B & Philippot P

(2007) REE and HFSE Mobility from Eclogite to Amphibolite Metamorphism (Vårdalsneset, Norwegian Caledonides)
Martin C, Duchêne S, Luais B & Deloule E

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