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All abstracts by Volker Lüders in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) Trace Elements Incl. REY and Isotopes in Formation Waters: Geochemical Tools for the Exploration of Deeply-Buried Hydrothermal Mineralization
Kraemer D, Sośnicka M, Lüders V & Bau M

(2017) Fluid Evolution of the Zinnwald Sn-W-Li Deposit, Erzgebirge: Insights from Fluid Inclusions
Korges M, Weis P, Lüders V & Laurent O

(2013) Genetic Relationship between Ag-(Pb-Zn) Mineralization and W-Specific Mesozoic Magmatism in the Nanling Belt (China) Based on Data from the Wutong Deposit
Lecumberri-Sanchez P, Romer RL, Lüders V & Bodnar RJ

(2011) The Significance of Rotliegend Brines in Mineralizing Processes and Hydrocarbon Systems in the Southern Permian Basin
Lüders V, Plessen B, Vonhof H & Schneider J

(2011) Rhodochrosite Gemstones: Contrasting Origin and Evolution of Related Fluids
Lecumberri-Sanchez P, Romer RL, Lüders V & Bodnar RJ

(2010) Carbon Isotopic and Noble Gas Compositions of Quartz-Hosted Gas-Rich Fluid Inclusions from the Lower Saxony Basin, Germany
Lüders V, Plessen B & Niedermann S

(2008) Fluid and Gas Migration in the Southwestern Part of the Lower Saxony Basin (Germany)
Lüders V, Plessen B & Sippel J

(2007) Fluid Inclusions, REE and Sulfur Isotope Geochemistry of the Lavrion Carbonate Hosted Ore Deposit, SE Attica, Greece
Skarpelis N, Lüders V & Banks D

(2007) Speciation of Cu and Zn in Natural Hydrothermal Boiling Systems: Evidence from Fluid Inclusion Studies by X-Ray Absorption Techniques
Rickers K, Cauzid J, Hazemann J-L, Proux O & Lüders V

(2006) Fluid origin and evolution at the Sweet Home Mine, Alma, Colorado
Lüders V, Romer RL, Gilg HA & Pettke T

(2006) Elemental partitioning in liquid-vapour fluid inclusion assemblages during sub-critical phase separation
Rickers K, Lüders V & Bleuet P

(2006) Nitrogen isotope geochemistry of ammonium during diagenesis and brine events in sedimentary basins
Plessen B, Lüders V, Hoth P & Wemmer K

(2005) Fluid Inclusion Evidence for Extreme Element Partioning during Subcritical Phase Separation
Lüders V, Rickers K, Banks D & Meston L

(2004) Liquid–vapor Fractionation of B and Br in the H-Na-B-O-Cl-Br System: An Experimental Study and its Application to Nature
Liebscher A, Heinrich W, Lüders V & Schettler G

(2002) Helium Isotopic Composition of Fluid Inclusions Hosted in Massive Sulfides from Modern Hydrothermal Systems
Lüders V, Niedermann S & Halbach P

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