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All abstracts by Johannes Lützenkirchen in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2014) Probing the Reactivity of Clay-Edge Sites (Aluminol to Silanol) Towards Mineral Surfaces
Darbha GK, Lützenkirchen J & Schäefer T

(2013) CD-MUSIC to Interprete Drifting Primary Charge of Ferrihydrite
Hofmann A, Hiemstra T & Lützenkirchen J

(2013) The MUSIC Model over the Years from a Personal Point of View
Lützenkirchen J

(2012) Ion Specific Effects at the Calcite(104) – Water Interface
Heberling F, Eng P, Lutzenkirchen J, Stubbs J, Schafer T & Geckeis H

(2011) Consistent Treatment of Entropy, Enthalpy and Volume Effects of Multi-Dentate Adsorption Reactions
Kulik D & Lützenkirchen J

(2010) Consistent Treatment of "Denticity" in Surface Complexation Models
Kulik D, Lützenkirchen J & Payne T

(2010) Protolytic Equilibria at "Inert" – Electrolyte Interfaces
Lützenkirchen J, Kallay N, Preočanin T & Selmani A

(2004) Modelling Uranyl Adsorption to Quartz – Application of the CD-MUSIC Concept
Lützenkirchen J

(2004) Metal-Glyphosate Complexation in Solution and at the Goethitesolution Interface
Norgren C, Lützenkirchen J, Persson P & Sjöberg S

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