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All abstracts by Serguei N. Lvov in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2011) Influence of Interfacial Water Structure on Surface Protonation and Ion Adsorption at Metal Oxide Surfaces
Machesky M, Wesolowski D, Vlcek L, Mamontov E, Kent P, Predota M, Rosenqvist J, Ridley M, Cummings P, Kubicki J, Sofo J, Kumar N, Lvov S, Bandura A, Fenter P & Zhang Z

(2010) On the Temperature Dependence of Mineral Surface Protonation and Ion Adsorption Reactions
Wesolowski DJ, Machesky ML, Lvov SN, Predota M, Ridley MK & Cummings PT

(2010) Protonation Enthalpy of Magnetite from High Temperature Electrophoresis
Lvov S, Fedkin M, Rodriguez-Santiago V, Vidojkovic S & Wesolowski D

(2009) Nanoelectrophoresis Studies of Magnetite and Silica in Hydrothermal Environments
Rodriguez-Santiago V, Fedkin M, Vidojkovic S, Wesolowski D & Lvov S

(2009) Atomistic Origins of Mineral-Water Interfacial Phenomena and their Relation to Surface Complexation Models
Wesolowski DJ, Bandura AV, Cummings PT, Fenter PA, Kubicki JD, Lvov SN, Machesky ML, Mamontov E, Predota M, Ridley MK, Rosenqvist J, Sofo JO, Vlcek L & Zhang Z

(2008) Surface Properties of Nanosize Oxides by High Temperature Electrophoresis
Rodriguez-Santiago V, Fedkin M, Rosenqvist J, Machesky M, Wesolowski D & Lvov S

(2002) Advanced Electrochemical Studies of Hydrothermal Systems
Lvov S, Zhou X, Fedkin M, Zhou Z, Kathuria A & Barnes H

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