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All abstracts by Jennifer L Macalady in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2014) Microbial Communities at a Highly Efficient Acid Mine Drainage Site
Grettenberger C, Pearce A, Macalady J, Burgos W & Bibby K

(2014) Hydrocarbon Biodegradation and Bacterial Succession in Surface and Seafloor Pressure Incubations
Lincoln SA, Valladares Juárez AG, Schedler M, Kadimesetty HS, Müller R, Macalady JL & Freeman KH

(2014) A Metabolically Versatile Cyanobacterium and the Low-Oxygen Proterozoic World
Hamilton T, Klatt J, Bird L, Freeman K, de Beer D & Macalady J

(2014) Characterization of Phases and Fe Isotopes of Iron Sulfide Minerals in a Microbial Gradient Culture
Mansor M, Grettenberger C, Fantle M & Macalady J

(2013) 2-Methyl Hopanoid Production and Anoxygenic Photosynthesis: A Model Cyanobacteria Isolated from a Proterozoic Ocean Analog
Hamilton T, Bird L, Freeman K & Macalady J

(2012) Metagenome-Enabled Investigation of Microbial Sulfur Precipitation in a Carbonate Aquifer
Macalady J, Jones D, Schaperdoth I, Chan C & Cabaniss K

(2011) Ecological Niches of Fe-Oxidizing Acidophiles in a Coal Mine Discharge
Jones D, Brown J, Larson L, Mills D, Burgos W & Macalady J

(2011) S Isotope Investigation of a Redox-Stratified System Dominated by Chemotrophic Sulfide Oxidation
Zerkle A, Macalady J, Jones D & Farquhar J

(2011) Proterozoic Analog Ecosystem and Organic Biomarkers in a Florida Sinkhole
Macalady J, Albrecht H, Welander P, Fulton J, Schaperdoth I, White T, Freeman K, Newman D & Summons R

(2011) Molecular Characterization of Archaeal Lipids Across a Hypersaline Gradient
Dawson KS, Freeman KH & Macalady JL

(2010) Metagenomics Reveal Structure and Function of Extremely Acidic Sulfur Oxidizing Cave Wall Biofilms
Jones D, Schaperdoth I & Macalady J

(2010) Application of a Depositional Facies Model to an Acid Mine Drainage Site
Brown J, Jones D, Macalady J & Burgos B

(2010) Sulfur-Oxidizing Biofilms in Terrestrial Subsurface Hot Springs
Schaperdoth I, Jones D, Tobler D & Macalady J

(2010) Microbial Biogeochemistry of a Meromictic Blue Hole
Macalady J, Schaperdoth I, Fulton J, Freeman K & Hanson T

(2009) Using TEM and µ-XRF to Characterize Bacterially-Mediated Precipitation of Dissolved Copper
Kimball B, Dohnalkova A, Kemner K, Lai B, Macalady J & Brantley S

(2009) Enigmatic Archaea from the Dark, Anoxic Terrestrial Subsurface
Macalady J, Jones D, McCauley R, Schaperdoth I, Bloom D & Mariani S

(2009) Anaerobic Biodegradation of Isoprenoid Biomarkers
Dawson KS, Macalady JL & Freeman KH

(2008) Pelagosite Climate Record and the Role of Cyanobacterial Biomineralization
Macalady J, Montanari A, Bice D, Schaperdoth I, MacLean L & Mariani S

(2008) Environmental Voltammetry to Characterize Microbial Habitats
Druschel G, Emerson D & Macalady J

(2002) Biogeochemical vs. Erosional Contributions to Landscape Lowering
Banfield J, Grove E & Macalady J

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