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All abstracts by Andrew Madden in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2013) Size-Dependent Reactivity of Magnetite Nanoparticles: A Bridge between Lab and Field Investigations
Swindle A, Madden A & Cozzarelli I

(2012) Nanodiamonds and Carbonaceous Grains in Bull Creek Valley, Oklahoma
Madden A, Swindle A, Bement L, Carter B, Simms A & Benamara M

(2012) The Role of Extracellular Polymeric Substances in Nanoparticle-Biofilm Interactions
Ikuma K, Madden A & Lau B

(2012) Fate of Magnetite Nanoparticles in Leachate-Impacted Groundwater
Swindle A & Madden A

(2011) Naturally Occurring Inorganic Nanoparticles: General Assessment and a Global Budget for One of Earth’s Last Unexplored Major Geochemical Components
Hochella M, Aruguete D, Kim B & Madden A

(2010) Irreversible Reductions in Surface Area of Nanoparticles Depends on Drying Conditions
Madden A, Bickmore B, Tadanier C, Lau B, Miller M & Huang R

(2010) Surface Structure Effects on Gibbsite Nanoparticle Reactivity
Bickmore B, Rosso K & Madden A

(2010) Diagenesis of Jarosite and Hematite: A Low Temperature Path to Nanophase Iron Oxides and “Specular” C-Axis Aligned Hematite on Mars
Elwood Madden M, Madden A, Hamilton V, Rimstidt JD, Zahrai S & Miller M

(2010) Fate of Ferric-Hydroxide Associated U(VI) during Biological Magnetite Formation
Swindle A, Madden A, Beazley M, Moon J-W, Ravel B & Phelps T

(2009) Defining Novel Enzymatic and Photochemical Pathways in the Oxidation of Manganese
Learman D, Vazquez-Rodriguez A, Madden A & Hansel C

(2008) Significance of Particle Size Distributions for Size-Dependent Hematite Nanomineral Reactivity
Madden A & Hochella M

(2008) Measuring Jarosite Dissolution Rates to Determine Jarosite Lifetimes on Earth and Mars
Elwood Madden M, Guess J, Madden A & Rimstidt JD

(2005) Nanoscience Meets Geochemistry: Size-Dependent Reactivity of Hematite
Madden A & Hochella Jr. M

(2004) Ordered Water in Surface Complexation Modeling
Tadanier C, Madden A & Eick M

(2004) Environmentally Important Nanoparticles from a Massive Acid Mine Drainage Site
Hochella M, Madden A, Moore J, Kasama T, Putnis A & Putnis C

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