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All abstracts by André Maes in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) The Link between Cation Exchange Properties and Stability of Zeolites in Hyper-Alkaline Media
Raymaekers R, Wangermez W, Van Tendeloo L, Kirschhock C, Maes A & Breynaert E

(2018) Stability of Zeolites in State II Concrete Pore Water: An Experimental Approach
Raymaekers R, Wangermez W, Kirschhock CK, Maes A & Breynaert E

(2015) Interaction of Selected Elements with Zeolites in Cementitious Environments
Breynaert E & Maes A

(2015) Zeolite Recrystallization in Potassium-Rich Hyper Alkaline Media
Van Tendeloo L, Kirschhock C, Maes A & Breynaert E

(2014) Zeolites as Sorption Sink in Concrete Based Radioactive Waste Disposal Facilities
Breynaert E, Van Tendeloo L, Brassinnes S, Kirschhock CEA, Gens R & Maes A

(2014) Pathways for Abiotic Reduction in the FeS/Se(IV) and FeS2/Se(IV) Systems
Breynaert E, Wangermez W, Dom D, Scheinost AC, Parac-Voght T, Kirschhock CEA & Maes A

(2013) Zeolites as Ion Exchanger in Harsh Ultra-Alkaline Conditions
Breynaert E, Van Tendeloo L, Gobechiya E, Wangermez W, Deblochouse B, Martens JA, Kirschhock CEA & Maes A

(2012) Interaction of Selenite with Iron Sulphide Minerals: A New Perspective
Breynaert E, Dom D, Scheinost AC, Kirschhock CEA & Maes A

(2010) The Geochemical Fate of Se(IV) in the Boom Clay System – XAS Based Solid Phase Speciation
Breynaert E, Scheinost A, Dom D, Rossberg A, Vancluysen J, Gobechiya E, Kirschhock C & Maes A

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