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All abstracts by Norbert Maes in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Complexation of Sn with Boom Clay Natural Organic Matter and its Effect on Sn Sorption onto Illite, Montmorillonite and Boom Clay
Durce D, Salah S, Maes N, Wang L & Brassinnes S

(2018) Effect of Oxidizing or Reducing Boom Clay on its Interactions with Uranium
Hoving A, van Erk M, Maes N, Bruggeman C & Behrends T

(2016) How do Redox Alterations of Boom Clay Change its Interactions with Selenite?
Hoving A, Behrends T, Bruggeman C, Maes N & Banerjee D

(2015) Determining Redox Capacaties of Boom Clay Material by Using an Electrochemical Approach
Hoving A, Behrends T, Sander M, Maes N & Bruggeman C

(2015) Stability and Mobility of Dissolved Organic Species in Boom Clay
Durce D, Maes N, Bruggeman C & Van Ravestyn L

(2015) Interaction of Selenite with Separated Boom Clay Fractions – Adsorption vs. Reduction
Hoving A, Münch M, Bruggeman C, Maes N, Banerjee D & Behrends T

(2013) Sorption of Dissolved Organic Matter on Boom Clay
Durce D, Bruggeman C & Maes N

(2010) Humic Colloid-Associated Migration of Radionuclides in an Argillaceous Formation
Bruggeman C, Maes N, Salah S, Martens E, Wang L, Van Gompel M & Brassinnes S

(2004) The Role of Geochemistry in the Research on Geological Disposal of High-Level Radioactive Waste in a Deep Boom Clay in Belgium
Van Iseghem P, Maes N, Van Geet M, Wang L, de Craen M, Moors H & de Cannière P

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