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All abstracts by John J. Mahoney in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2011) Lithospheric Control on Geochemical Composition of the Louisville Seamount Chain
Beier C, Regelous M, Mahoney J, Vanderkluysen L & Haase K

(2008) Some Geochemical Consequences of the Dynamics and Melting of a Veined Mantle
Ito G, Bianco T, Mahoney JJ, van Hunen J & Ballmer M

(2008) Geochemical Variations at a Ridge-Centered Hotspot Caused by Variable Melting of a Veined Mantle
Bianco T, Ito G, van Hunen J, Ballmer M & Mahoney J

(2007) Lower Crustal Material in the Source of the Ontong Java Plateau?
Tejada ML, Suzuki K, Hanyu T, Mahoney J, Tatsumi Y & Nakai S

(2006) Ontong Java Plateau and OAE1: Is there really a link?
Tejada ML, Suzuki K, Sakamoto T, Coccioni R, Kuroda J, Tatsumi Y & Mahoney JJ

(2005) High-Precision Sr, Nd, Pb and Hf Isotopic Characterization of USGS Reference Materials by MC-ICPMS and TIMS
Kieffer B, Weis D, Maerschalk C, Barling J, Dietrich-Sainsaulieu E, Williams G, Hanano D, Mahoney JB, Friedman R & Pretorius W

(2005) Upper Mantle Dynamics Expressed in Hotspot and Mid-Ocean Ridge Basalt Chemistry
Ito G, Bianco T, Mahoney J, Becker J & Garcia M

(2005) MORB Versus OIB Genesis: Stratification in Mantle Composition or in Upper Mantle Melting?
Ito G & Mahoney J

(2004) Geochemical Evidence for the Origin of the Manihiki Plateau
Ingle S, Sato H, Mahoney J, Kimura J, Coffin M & Nakanishi M

(2004) Origin of the Ontong Java Plateau
Fitton G, Godard M, Mahoney J & Herzberg C

(2004) Hotspot and Mid-Ocean Ridge Basalt Genesis from Melting of a Nonlayered Heterogeneous Mantle
Ito G & Mahoney J

(2004) Geochemistry and Age of Basalts from the Shatsky Rise, NW Pacific
Mahoney J, Duncan R, Tejada M & Sager W

(2004) SWIR Off-Axis Dredging by SWIFT
Storey M, Mahoney J, Nikolajsen S, Burgess R, Poulsen D & Ludden J

(2003) A Near-Primitive Mantle Source for the Ontong Java Plateau (OJP)? Insights from Nd-Sr-Pb-Hf Isotope Study of ODP Leg 192 Lavas
Tejada M, Mahoney J, Castillo P, Ingle S, Sheth H & Weis D

(2002) Controlling Arsenic Concentrations in Buried Uranium Mill Tailings
Langmuir D, Mahoney J, Slaughter M & Rowson J

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