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All abstracts by Kai Mangelsdorf in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Comparison between Free and Bound Biomarkers in Petroleum Source Rocks
Yang S, Horsfield B & Mangelsdorf K

(2016) Volatile Fatty Acids, Key Intermediates for Microbial Metabolism in Subsurface Sediments – Generation and Fate
Glombitza C, Røy H, Mangelsdorf K, Horsfield B & Jørgensen BB

(2012) Response of Methanogenic Communities to Glacial-Interglacial Climate Changes in the Siberian Arctic
Mangelsdorf K, Griess J, Gattinger A & Wagner D

(2012) Geomicrobiological and Geochemical Study on Pockmarks in the SW Barents Sea
Nickel J, Mangelsdorf K, Kallmeyer J, di Primio R & Stoddart D

(2011) Biogeochemical Characterization of Geothermal Fluids
Vieth-Hillebrand A, Vetter A, Sachse A, Henne S, Regenspurg S & Mangelsdorf K

(2007) Temperature-Dependent Molecular Cell Membrane Adaptation of Microbial Populations in Siberian Permafrost
Mangelsdorf K, Finsel E, Liebner S & Wagner D

(2006) Scientific drilling of a cold-water carbonate mound: Shipboard biogeochemical results from IODP Expedition 307
Ferdelman T, Cragg B, Frank T, Gharib J, Leonide P, Mangelsdorf K, Sakai S, Samarkin V, Spivack A, Kano A & Williams T

(2004) Deep Biosphere in Terrestrial Systems (DEBITS): The New Zealand Coal Band
Horsfield B, Sykes R, Parkes J, Mangelsdorf K, Kallmeyer J, Dieckmann V & Edbrook S

(2004) Molecular Characterisation of the Organic Matter at the Mallik 5L-38 Research Well: Implications for Depositional Environment and the Deep Biosphere
Haberer R, Mangelsdorf K, Zink K, Wilkes H & Horsfield B

(2002) Mid-Chain Diols and Keto-Ols as Potential Paleoenvironmental Tracers for the California Continental Margin during the Late Quaternary
Mangelsdorf K, G¸ntner U & Rullkˆtter J

(2002) Organic Diagenesis: A Potential Provider of Substrates for Deep Microbial Ecosystems
Horsfield B, Dieckmann V, Mangelsdorf K, Di Primio R, Wilkes H & Schloemer S

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