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All abstracts by Craig E Manning in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2013) Structure of Carbonate-Silicate Melts at High P-T Conditions Using in situ X-Ray Diffuse Scattering
Hummer D, Kavner A & Manning C

(2013) Ce-Monazite and Y-Xenotime Solubilities in H2O-NaF at 800℃, 1 GPa: Implicatons for REE Transport
Tropper P, Harlov D & Manning C

(2013) Fluids, Subduction, and Deep Carbon
Manning C, Li Y & Eguchi J

(2012) Global Variations in H2O/Ce: Relationships to Arc Magma Geochemistry & Slab Surface Temperatures
Wallace P, Ruscitto D, Cooper L, Plank T, Syracuse E & Manning C

(2012) New Results from Metamorphic Nucleation Experiments
Hirsch D & Manning C

(2011) New Roles for Rutile in Tracing Petrogenetic Processes
Manning C

(2011) New Insights into San Carlos Mantle Xenoliths Using Iron Isotopes
Macris C, Young E, Manning C & Schauble E

(2011) X-Ray Spectroscopic Constraints on Complexing of High-Field-Strength Elements in Subduction Zone Aqueous Fluids
Dubrail J, Wilke M, Schmidt C, Appel K, Pascarelli S, Kvashnina K & Manning C

(2011) Aqueous Complexing and Element Recycling by Subduction-Zone Fluids
Manning C

(2010) Influence of Mantle-Wedge Flow on the Composition of Fluids Released by Subducting Slabs
Manning C

(2010) The Solubility Behavior of CePO4 and YPO4 in H2O-NaCl at 800℃ and 1 GPa: Implications for the Role of Brines for REE Transport during High-Grade Metamorphism
Tropper P, Manning C & Harlov D

(2010) Al Solubility in SiO2-H2O Fluids at 800-1000℃, 5-20 kbar: Evidence for Al/Si Complexing
Thomas R & Manning C

(2010) The Role of NaCl and CO2 on the Upper Critical End Point in SiO2-H2O: Insights from Solubility Experiments
Cruz M, Manning C & Hunt J

(2010) Aluminate Speciation in H2O at High Pressures and Temperatures
Mookherjee M, Keppler H, Manning C & Caracas R

(2010) Assessing the Relationship between Excess Argon Content and Recrystallization of Ultrahigh-Pressure Metamorphic Rocks
Menold C, Grove M & Manning C

(2010) Initial Results from an Experimental Study of Metamorphic Nucleation
Hirsch D & Manning C

(2010) Experimental Fractionation of Ni Stable Isotopes between Metal and Silicates at 500-950℃ and 10 kbar
Lazar C, Young E & Manning C

(2010) Stable Isotopes as Tracers of Planetary Differentiation
Young E, Schauble E, Shahar A, Ziegler K, Manning C & Lazar C

(2009) Solubility of CePO4 and YPO4 in H2O, H2O-NaCl and H2O-NaF at 800℃ and 1 GPa: Implications for REE Transport during High-Grade Metamorphism
Tropper P, Manning C & Harlov D

(2009) Equation of State for Quartz Solubility in H2O-CO2 at High P-T
Newton R & Manning CE

(2009) Rutile Solubility in Supercritical NaAlSi3O8-H2O Fluids
Hayden L & Manning CE

(2009) Al-Si Complexing in High-P Aqueous Fluids: Implications for Al Transport in Subduction-Zones
Thomas R & Manning C

(2009) Solubility of Albite or Jadeite + Quartz + Paragonite in H2O at 600˚C and 10-22 kbar
Wohlers A, Manning C & Thompson A

(2009) IRS Fluids Revisited
Plank T, Cooper L & Manning C

(2009) Aluminosilicate Polymerization in Dense Aqueous Fluids: Implications for Subduction-Zone Mass Transfer
Manning CE, Newton R, Thomas R, Hunt J & Cruz M

(2009) 1000 Years of Magmatic Volatiles Recorded in Apatite from Arenal Volcano
Boyce J, Hervig R, Alvarado G, Newton R & Manning C

(2008) Near-Solidus Solubility of Alkali Feldspar-Mica-Quartz in H2O at 1 GPa: Implications for Crustal Fluids
Manning C, Wohlers A & Antignano A

(2008) Thermodynamics of SiO2-H2O at the Second Critical End Point
Newton RC & Manning C

(2008) Solubility of Andradite in H2O-NaCl at 800℃, 1 GPa, and the Origin of Grandite in High-Grade Calc-Silicates
Wykes J, Newton RC & Manning C

(2008) Combining Theory and Experiment to Calibrate Stable Isotope Fractionations
Schauble E, Hill P, Shahar A, Tonui E, Ziegler K, Young E & Manning C

(2007) Rutile Solubility in albite-H2O Fluids at High P and T: Implications for HFSE Mobility in Subduction Zones
Manning C, Antignano A, Wilke M, Schmidt C, Sutton S & Newville M

(2007) Model Crustal Fluids at High P and T: Implications for Aluminum Transport
Wohlers A & Manning C

(2007) Changes in Ion Pairing Across the H2O Liquid-Liquid Transition: Implications for Planetary Fluids
Manning C & Schmidt C

(2007) Hydrogen Solubility in Synthetic Rutile
Colasanti C, Johnson E & Manning C

(2007) Predicting Raman Spectra of Aqueous Silica and Alumina Species in Solution from First Principles
Hunt J, Schauble E & Manning C

(2007) An Experimental Approach to High-Temperature Iron Isotope Fractionation
Shahar A, Manning C & Young E

(2007) Mg Isotope Thermometry in Earth's Mantle
Tonui E, Young E, Schauble E & Manning C

(2004) Anhydrite Solubility in NaCl-H2O Solutions at High P-T: Applications to Sulfur Cycling
Manning C & Newton R

(2003) The Oldest Known Sediments on Earth: Implications for Exobiology
Mojzsis S, Harrison M & Manning C

(2002) Activity Coefficient and Polymerization of Aqueous Silica Based on high-Pt Solubility Measurements
Newton R & Manning C

(2001) Experimental Studies of Fluid-Rock Interaction at High Pressure: The Role of Polymerization and Depolymerization of Solutes
Manning CE

(2000) The Solubility of Quartz and Calcite in H2O-NaCl Solutions at High Pressure: Constraints on Mass Transfer in the Deep Crust
Manning CE & Newton RC

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