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All abstracts by Michael A.W. Marks in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) The Role of Continental Crust in the Global Halogen Cycle: Insights from Halogen Concentrations (F, Cl, Br, and I) of Ancient Glacial Deposits
Han P-Y, Rudnick RL, He T, Marks MAW, Wang S-J, Gaschnig RM & Hu Z-C

(2022) Silicates in Carbonatites – Origin and Interpretation
Giebel RJ, Walter BF, Marks MAW & Markl G

(2021) Halogens in Serpentinised-Troctolites (Atlantis Massif): Implications for the Role of Serpentinization in Volatile Subduction Budgets
Kendrick MA, Godard M & Marks MAW

(2021) The Cl Isotope Variation of Sodalite and Eudialyte in Ilímaussaq (South Greenland)
Eggenkamp HGM, Marks MAW, Bonifacie M, Bardoux G, Agrinier P & Markl G

(2021) Fluid Release in Carbonatitic Systems and its Implication for Carbonatite Magma Ascent, Compositional Evolution and REE-Mineralization
Walter BF, Giebel RJ, Steele-MacInnis M, Marks MAW, Kolb J & Markl G

(2020) Mica Compositions Record Carbonatite – Silicate Wall-Rock Interaction
Giebel RJ, Walter BF, Marks MAW & Markl G

(2020) Magmatic Interaction in Peralkaline Syenites of the Junguni Complex, Malawi
Walter BF, Giebel RJ, Marks MAW & Markl G

(2017) Fluid-Mineral Interaction and REE Mineralization in the Palabora Carbonatite Complex
Giebel RJ, Marks MAW, Gauert CDK & Markl G

(2015) Eudialyte-Group Minerals as Monitors of Magmatic and Hydrothermal Processes in Peralkaline Rocks
Marks M, Lindhuber M, Ratschbacher B, Giehl C, Nowak M & Markl G

(2015) Distinguishing Magmatic and Metamorphic Processes in the Norra Kärr Alkaline Complex, Southern Sweden
Atanasova P, Marks M, Krause J, Markl G & Gutzmer J

(2015) The Effect of Temperature and Cataclastic Deformation on Salinity, Halogen Systematics and Metal Transport Capacities of Continental Basement Brines – An Experimental Approach
Burisch M, Marks M, Nowak M & Markl G

(2015) Changes in Tourmaline Trace Element Geochemistry during Magmatic Differentiation and Hydrothermal Ore Deposition
Duchoslav M, Marks M, McCammon C, Marschall H, Wenzel T & Markl G

(2013) Compositional Variation in Apatites from Alkaline Silicate Rocks and Associated Carbonatites: A Case Study of the Kaiserstuhl Complex, Germany
Wang L, Wenzel T, von der Handt A, Keller J, Marks MAW & Markl G

(2013) The Halogen (F, Cl, Br) Budget of Continental Granitoid Plutonic Rocks
Teiber H, Marks M, Wenzel T, Siebel W, Altherr R & Markl G

(2013) Experimental Investigations on Halogen-Rich Agpaitic Phase Equilibria
Giehl C, Marks M & Nowak M

(2012) Multiple Growth Events in Diamonds from Murowa; Evidence from FTIR Mapping of N and H Defects
Kohn S, Bulanova G, Smith C, Walter M, Marks A & McKay A

(2011) Mineral Compositions Indicate Magma Recharge Processes in the Ilímaussaq Complex, Greenland
Ratschbacher B, Marks M, Pfaff K & Markl G

(2011) Element Transport and Mineral Replacement Reactions during Alkali Contact Metamorphism
Derrey IT, Marks M & Markl G

(2011) Volatile Elements in Apatite: An Integrated Analytical Approach with Special Focus on Bromine
Marks MAW, Whitehouse M, Wenzel T, Stosnach H & Markl G

(2011) Heavy Isotope Fractionation in Magmatic Systems: The Example Tl
Hettmann K, Kreissig K, Schauble E, Rehkämper M, Marks M & Markl G

(2011) Experimental Investigation of the Differentiation of Iron-Rich Peralkaline Magma
Giehl C, Babiel R, Reiche S, Marks M & Nowak M

(2009) Genesis of Tourmaline-Quartz-Wolframite Veins in the Schwarzwald, SW Germany
Guth AK, Marks MAW, Marschall HR, Barth M & Markl G

(2009) Thallium-Mineralization during Late Magmatic Activity in the Peralkaline Complex Ilimaussaq, Greenland
Hettmann K, Marks M, Wenzel T, Zack T & Markl G

(2007) Fluid-Rock Interactions Recorded by Kinetic Fractionation of Li Isotopes
Rudnick R, McDonough W, Teng F-Z & Marks M

(2007) Kinetic Li Isotopic Fractionation in the Alkaline Plutonic Ilímaussaq Complex, South Greenland
Marks MAW, Rudnick RL, McCammon C, Vennemann T & Markl G

(2007) Petrology and Phase Equilibria of Ti-Andradite and Titanite in Alkaline Ultramafic Rocks of the Tamazeght Complex, Morocco
Coulson I, Marks M & Markl G

(2007) Stable Isotope Geochemistry of Amphiboles from Alkaline Igneous Complexes
Waczek Z, Vennemann T, Harris C, Markl G & Marks M

(2007) What Governs the Transition from Miaskitic to Agpaitic Assemblages in Peralkaline Rocks?
Schilling J, Marks MAW & Markl G

(2007) Sodic Pyroxene and Sodic Amphibole as Potential Micro-Analytical Reference Material for Li Isotopes
Marks MAW, Rudnick RL, Ludwig T, Marschall H, Zack T, Halama R, McDonough WF, Rost D, Wenzel T & Vicenzi EP

(2005) Estimating lambda(<+>40<$>K) by U-Pb and <+>39<$>Ar-<+>40<$>Ar Dating of the Peralkaline Ilímaussaq Complex, Greenland
Krumrei T, Villa IM, Marks M & Markl G

(2003) Extremely Low D/H Ratios of Amphiboles from Alkaline Syenite Complexes: Implications for the Genesis of Alkaline to Peralkaline Magmas or Problems with Mineral-Water Fractionations?
Vennemann T, Marks M, Siebel W, Markl G & Potter J

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