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All abstracts by Horst R. Marschall in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2017) Effects of T, ƒO2, and Doping Level on Diffusion of HFSE in Rutile
Marschall H, Dohmen R & Ludwig T

(2017) Matrix Effects in B Isotope Analysis of Silicate Minerals by SIMS
De Hoog J, Monteleone B, Savov I, Marschall H, Zack T & Eimf F

(2017) Braking the Scale of in situ Pb Isotope Microanalysis Down to 10 μm Spot Size: A Comparison of SIMS and LA-MC-ICP-MS
Delavault H, Dhuime B, Hawkesworth C & Marschall H

(2017) Arc Lavas Form from Melting of Mélange Rocks; Sediment Melts and Slab-Derived Fluids are not Major Contributors
Nielsen S & Marschall H

(2017) The Fluorine and Chlorine Budget of the Earth’s Peridotite Mantle
Urann B, Le Roux V, Hammond K, Marschall H, Lee C-T & Monteleone B

(2017) Experimental Hybridization of Mantle Wedge by Mélange Rocks, and the Generation of Arc Magmas
Codillo E, Le Roux V & Marschall H

(2017) Arc-Like Magmas and Pyroxenites Generated by Mélange-Peridotite Interaction in the Mantle Wedge
Le Roux V, Codillo E & Marschall H

(2017) Behaviour of Boron Isotopes during Magmatic Degassing
Thomaidis K, Deegan FM, Troll VR, Whitehouse MJ, Weis FA, Helbling AH, Marschall HR & Geiger H

(2017) Volatile Content of 4-Vesta: Evidence from Unequilibrated Eucrites
Sarafian A, Nielsen S, Marschall H, Gaetani G, Hauri E, Righter K & Berger E

(2017) Thallium Isotope Systematics in Volcanics from St. Helena Island. Constraints on the Origin of the HIMU Reservoir
Blusztajn J, Nielsen S, Marschall H, Shu Y & Hanyu T

(2015) The B and Li Isotopic Compositions of MORB and the Depleted Mantle
Marschall H, Wanless D, Shimizu N, Pogge von Strandmann P & Elliott T

(2015) Detrital Garnet Geochronology as a Complement to Detrital Zircon and Monazite Ages from the French Broad River, Southern Appalachians
Eccles-Maneiro K, Baxter E, Samson S & Marschall H

(2015) The Geodynamic Setting of Continental Crust Generation Through Pb Isotopes on Mineral Inclusions within Zircon
Delavault H, Dhuime B, Hawkesworth C, Cawood P, Marschall H, Bruant E, Kemp T &  EIMF

(2015) Arc Magma Genesis from Melting of Mélange Diapirs
Cruz-Uribe AM, Marschall HR, Gaetani GA & Grozeva N

(2015) Changes in Tourmaline Trace Element Geochemistry during Magmatic Differentiation and Hydrothermal Ore Deposition
Duchoslav M, Marks M, McCammon C, Marschall H, Wenzel T & Markl G

(2015) Remelting the Gondwanan Mantle
Dick H, Zhou H, Gao C & Marschall H

(2015) In situ Isotopic Measurements on Mineral Inclusions as a New Window on Crustal Evolution Studies
Dhuime B, Delavault H, Hawkesworth C, Cawood P, Marschall H, Bruand E, Kemp T, Lewis J &  EIMF

(2014) Mixing at the Plate Interface and its Importance for Convergent Margins
Marschall H & Schumacher J

(2014) Timing and Duration of Continental Collision during Gondwana Assembly – A Case Study from Antarctica
Marschall H, Pauly J, Meyer H-P, Chatterjee N & Monteleone B

(2014) Controls of Oxygen Fugacity on Trace Element Diffusion in Rutile
Dohmen R, Polednia J, Marschall H & Thomas L

(2014) Diffusion-Driven Li Isotope Fractionation in Cpx: Anisotropy and the Influence of ƒO2
Liu Y-H, Gaetani G, Marschall H & Dohmen R

(2014) The Source of Water for 4-Vesta is Likely Carbonacous Chondrites
Sarafian A, Nielsen S, Marschall H & McCubbin F

(2013) Dehydration of Metasomatic Rocks along Subduction and Cold Diapiric P-T Trajectories
Schumacher JC & Marschall HR

(2013) Mélange Formation, Mantle-Wedge Diapirs and Subduction Zone Magmatism
Marschall H & Schumacher J

(2013) Formation Mechanisms of Reaction Zones in Mélange Zones: Evidence for Mechanical Mixing
Gorman J, Penniston-Dorland S, Walker R & Marschall H

(2012) Sulfur Isotopes in High-Pressure Rocks
Marschall H & Shimizu N

(2011) Testing the Use of Detrital Rutile to Investigate HP/UHP Rocks
Enea FC, Taylor J, Storey C, Marschall H & K-Schmolke M

(2011) Recycling Agents in Subduction Zones: Fluids, Melts and Solids!
Marschall H & Schumacher J

(2011) Characterization of Magma from Inclusions in Zircon: Apatite and Biotite Work Well, Feldspar Less so
Jennings E, Marschall H, Hawkesworth C & Storey C

(2011) Fractionation of Li and Mg Isotopes in Mantle Derived Materials- Promise, Perils and Progress
Elliott T, Pogge von Strandmann P, Lai YJ, Kasemann S, Ionov D, Takazawa E, Marschall H, Gallagher K & Dohmen R

(2009) Diffusive Fractionation of Nb and Ta in Rutile
Dohmen R, Marschall H & Ludwig T

(2009) The Generation, Evolution and Preservation of the Continental Crust
Hawkesworth C, Storey C, Dhuime B, Marschall H, Pietranik A & Kemp T

(2009) Genesis of Tourmaline-Quartz-Wolframite Veins in the Schwarzwald, SW Germany
Guth AK, Marks MAW, Marschall HR, Barth M & Markl G

(2009) Mg Isotope Heterogeneity in the Mantle
Pogge von Strandmann P, Elliott T, Marschall H, Ionov D & Niu Y

(2009) Archean-Proterozoic Evolution in East Antarctica
Marschall H, Storey C, Dhuime B, Leat P & Hawkesworth C

(2008) Li and Mg Exchange between Eclogite Lenses and their Host Rocks: Evidence from Isotope Profiles
Marschall H & Pogge von Strandmann P

(2007) Heavy Lithium in Subducted Slabs
Marschall H, Pogge von Strandmann P, Seitz H-M & Elliott T

(2007) Sodic Pyroxene and Sodic Amphibole as Potential Micro-Analytical Reference Material for Li Isotopes
Marks MAW, Rudnick RL, Ludwig T, Marschall H, Zack T, Halama R, McDonough WF, Rost D, Wenzel T & Vicenzi EP

(2007) Boron Isotopes of K-Tourmaline from the Kokchetav UHP Massif
Korsakov A, Marschall H & Kozmenko O

(2006) The metamorphic record of Lithium and Boron isotope fractionation in subduction zones
Marschall H, Elliott T & Abell R

(2004) Trace Element Systematics of High-Pressure Metamorphic Rocks from Syros (Greece)
Marschall H, Altherr R, Gméling K & Kasztovszky Z

(2004) Is There a Matrix Effect in SIMS Boron Isotope Analysis?
Ludwig T, Marschall H & Altherr R

(2003) Isotope Fractionation during Subduction: The Case for Li and B
Zack T & Marschall H

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