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All abstracts by Isabelle Martinez in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2015) Formation of Reduced Carbon Compounds Using Natural Catalysts in Hydrothermal Experiments
Martinez I, Vacquand C, Vigier de Oliveira K, Audemar M, Recham N & Brunet F

(2015) New Experimental Insights on Hydrogen/Hydrocarbon Generation and Simultaneous Carbonation of Olivine (Mg, Fe)2SiO4
Kularatne K, Sissmann O, Martinez I, Chardin M, Noirez S, Vermesse H, Bouboune I, Labaume J, Lopes De Azavedo J, Lutz F, Hayrault P, Kohler E, Cordier L, Carlut J & Guyot F

(2015) Carbonate Formation during Subduction Metasomatism: Insights from Eclogitic Marbles (Alpine Corsica, France)
Piccoli F, Vitale Brovarone A, Beyssac O, Martinez I & Chaduteau C

(2013) Carbon Budget during Alteration of the Oceanic Crust
Martinez I, Shilobreeva S, Busigny V, Laverne C, Alt J & Agrinier P

(2013) Graphite Formation by Calcite Reduction during Subduction
Galvez M, Beyssac O, Martinez I & Benzerara K

(2012) Feedback Effects of Clay Minerals Formation on the Kinetics and Mechanisms of Olivine Carbonation within Tholeiitic Basalt
Sissmann O, Daval D, Martinez I, Brunet F, Verlaguet A, Pinquier Y & Guyot F

(2012) Isotopic and Petrologic Evidence for Graphite Formation by Carbonate Reduction in Blueschist Metamorphic Rocks
Galvez ME, Martinez I, Beyssac O, Benzerara K, Malvoisin B, Chopin C & Malavieille J

(2011) Effects of Organic Ligands and Temperature on the Kinetics and Mechanisms of Olivine Carbonation
Sissmann O, Daval D, Martinez I, Brunet F, Findling N & Guyot F

(2009) Dissolution Kinetics of Diopside as a Function of the Gibbs Free Energy of Reaction
Hellmann R, Daval D, Tisserand D, Martinez I, Corvisier J & Guyot F

(2009) Investigating the Dissolution Behaviour of Fayalite (Fe2SiO4) by in situ X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy
Guyot F, Daval D, Testemale D & Martinez I

(2009) How do Silica Coatings Affect Mineral Weathering Rates?
Daval D, Martinez I, Sissmann O, Hellmann R, Goffé B & Guyot F

(2008) Investigating the Dissolution Behavior of Serpentine
Hellmann R, Daval D, Tisserand D, Martinez I & Guyot F

(2008) Combining Experimental Studies and Kinetic Modelling to Investigate the Carbonation of Ca-Bearing Silicates
Daval D, Martinez I, Corvisier J, Findling N, Goffé B & Guyot F

(2007) Carbonation of Ca- and Mg-Rich Silicates: Experimental Investigations and Kinetic Modeling
Daval D, Martinez I, Goffé B & Guyot F

(2007) CO2-Water-Basalt Interactions: Experimental and Mineralogical Study
Shilobreeva S & Martinez I

(2007) Dissolution of Magnetite in Hydrothermal Solutions: Kinetics and Speciation by in situ X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy
Guyot F, Daval D, Dufaud F, Testemale D & Martinez I

(2006) Siderite Solubility in High Pressure- High Temperature H2O-CO2 Fluids: Implications for Geological Storage of CO2.
Testemale D, Dufaud F, Martinez I, Hazemann J-L & Guyot F

(2004) Boron Isotopic Fractionations in High P-T Aqueous Fluids from in situ Vibrational Spectroscopic Data
Sanchez-Valle C, Reynard B, Daniel I, Martinez I & Chervin J

(2002) Silicon, Sulphur and Carbon Behaviour during Core/Mantle Segregation
Siebert J, Malavergne V, Guyot F, Hammouda T, Combes R & Martinez I

(2002) Experimental Study of Carbonate Aqueous Solutions at High Pressure and High Temperature
Martinez I, Sanchez Valle C, Daniel I, Philippot P, Reynard B & Simionovici A

(2000) High-Pressure and High-Temperature Reactions between Mantle Minerals and Metals in the Fe-Si-O-S System
Gautron L, Malavergne V, Martinez I & Guyot F

(2000) Formation of Carbon and Hydrogen Species in Magmas at Low Oxygen Fugacity
Kadik A, Pineau F, Litvin Y, Jendrzejewski N, Martinez I & Javoy M

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