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All abstracts by Anna Martini in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) Impacts of Seawater Encroachment on Sediment Mercury Methylation
Schenck R, Kopicki M, Yellen B & Martini A

(2018) Near Equilibrium, Non-Thermogenic, Methane in Sedimentary Systems: The Unrecognized Role of Anaerobic Oxidation of Methane?
Giunta T, Young E, Martini A, Warr O, Kohl I, Ash J & Sherwood Lollar B

(2017) Deuterium as a Quantitative Tracer of Enhanced Microbial Coalbed Methane Production
Ashley K, Davis K, Martini A, Fields M & McIntosh J

(2016) Acetate Biogeochemistry of Methanogenic Coal Beds and Shales
Vinson D, McIntosh J, Martini A, Darrah T, Kirk M, Akob D & Blair N

(2015) The Potential of Methane Clumped Isotopes to Constrain Formational Environments of Natural Gas Deposits
Stolper D, Eiler J, Sessions A, Valentine D, Martini A, Davis C, Formolo M, Lawson M, Ferreira A & Santos Neto E

(2014) Doubly 13C-Substituted Ethane in Shale Gases
Clog M, Martini A, Lawson M & Eiler J

(2014) Clumped Isotopes of Methane: Applications to Both Low and High Temperature Natural Systems
Stolper D, Davis C, Eiler J, Ferreira A, Lawson M, Martini A, Santos Neto E, Schoell M, Sessions A, Shusta S, Tang Y, Valentine D & Ellis GS

(2014) Mercury Inventories and Isotopic Signatures in Sediments from the Floodplain of the Connecticut River
Martini A, Thibodeau A, Bergquist B, Woodruff J, Yellen B, Owrang S & Varekamp J

(2014) The Urban Geochemistry of Wethersfield Cove, Hartford, CT
Varekamp J, Owrang S, Martini A, Woodruff J, Thomas E & Kruge M

(2012) Improved Carbon Isotope Modeling of Biogenic Coalbed Methane Systems: The Nature of Initial CO2
Vinson D, McIntosh J, Ritter D, Blair N & Martini A

(2012) Mercury Methylation, Pore Water Geochemistry and Legacy Mercury Contamination along the Floodplain of the Connecticut River
Martini A, Woodruff J, Bouberhan H, Bercerra CA & Kekacs D

(2011) Biogeochemistry of Devonian Shale Gas Resources of the Midwest USA: Antrim and New Albany Shales
Martini A, Petsch S, McIntosh J, Kirk M, Schlegel M, Damashek J & Miller S

(2010) C and H Isotope Systematics of Microbial Methane Accumulations in Coalbeds and Fractured Shales
McIntosh J, Bates B, Schlegel M & Martini A

(2010) Microbial Community Structure and Geochemistry of the New Albany Shale (Illinios Basin) and its Potential to Produce Biogenic Methane
Damashek J, Miller S, Kirk M, McIntosh J, Schlegel M, Petsch S & Martini A

(2010) Methanogen Variations Related to Hydrogeochemical Conditions in Organic-Rich Shales and Coals in the Illinois Basin, U.S.A
Schlegel M, McIntosh J, Bates B, Kirk M & Martini A

(2009) Effect of Natural Gas Production on Geochemistry and Microbiology in a Fractured Organic-Rich Shale
Kirk M, Martini A, McIntosh J, Petsch S & Takacs-Vesbach C

(2009) Signatures of Anaerobic Hydrocabron Biodegradation in Sulfidic and Methanic Environments
Formolo M, Petsch S, Martini A & Ferdelman T

(2009) Hydrogeologic Controls on Microbial Methanogenesis in Shales and Coalbeds in the Illinois Basin
Schlegel M, McIntosh J, Bates B, Kirk M & Martini A

(2005) Elemental Cycling in Coastal Tropical Sediments, Saint Lucia, Lesser Antilles: Results from Multiple Pore Water Sampling Techniques (Dialysis, Centrifugation, DET, and DGT)
Ku T, Browne E, Kay J, Martini A, Peters S & Chen M

(2001) Hydrocarbon Oxidation in Sedimentary Basin Gas Reservoirs
Martini A, Walter LM & McIntosh JC

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