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All abstracts by Bernard Marty in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) It’s not Air: What We can Learn from Ar-Kr-Xe Isotopes in Volcanic Gases at the per mil Level and Below
Seltzer AM, Bekaert DV, Barry PH, Broadley MW, Byrne D & Marty B

(2023) Atmospheric Helium Isotopes and Unknown Source of Helium-3
Sano Y, Pinti DL, Escobar-Nakajima MT, Takahata N, Zhang M, Goto D & Marty B

(2023) Halogen Composition of Paleoproterozoic Oceans
Burgess R, Avice G, Marty B & Ardoin L

(2023) Unraveling the Composition of Mantle Noble Gases from CO2-rich Geothermal Emanations, Homa Hills, Kenya
Marty B, Contamine D, Pik R, Seltzer AM, Bekaert DV, Diraison M, Walter B, Géraud Y, Omenda P & Varet J

(2023) Groundwater Noble Gas Paleothermometry Record of 9℃ LGM Cooling in Eastern France
Bekaert DV, Blard P-H, Raoult Y, Pik R, Kipfer R, Seltzer AM, Legrain E & Marty B

(2023) Tracing Crust-Mantle Interactions along the Yellowstone Hotspot Track
Broadley MW, Barry PH, Bekaert DV, Tyne RL, Karolytė R, Hudak MR, Ramírez C, de Moor M, Mitchell S, Lloyd KG, Ballentine CJ, Marty B & Seltzer AM

(2022) Discontinuous Isotopic Evolution of Paleo-Atmospheric Xenon: A Record of Sun-Earth Interactions in the Deep Time?
Marty B, Ardoin L, Almayrac M, Byrne DJ & Broadley MW

(2021) Earth’s Water may Have Been Inherited from Material Similar to Enstatite Chondrite Meteorites
Piani L, Marrocchi Y, Rigaudier T, Thomassin D, Vacher LG & Marty B

(2021) Synergies between Curation and Research in Sample Return Missions
Hutzler A, Carpenter J, Haltigin T, Jones RH, Kminek G, Marty B, McDonald FE, Smith CL & Tait KT

(2021) Resolving Spatial Heterogeneity of Noble Gas Isotopes in Chondrites Using Laser Ablation
Byrne DJ, Broadley MW, Almayrac M & Marty B

(2021) Elemental and Isotopic Behaviour of Nitrogen and Heavy Noble Gases in Interstellar Ice Analogues and the Implications for Cometary Bodies
Almayrac M, Broadley M, Bekaert DV, Piani L & Marty B

(2021) The End of the Atmospheric Xenon Archean’s Evolution: A Study of the Great Oxygenation Event Period
Ardoin LM, Broadley M, Almayrac M, Byrne D, Avice G & Marty B

(2021) A Very Early Origin of Isotopically Distinct Nitrogen in Inner Solar System Protoplanets
Grewal D, Dasgupta R & Marty B

(2021) Origins of Goldschmidt’s Atmophile Elements and Models of Planetary Accretion – V.M. Goldschmidt Medal Lecture
Marty B

(2021) Determining the Volatile Composition of the Ancient Mantle Through the Analysis of Archean Aged Fibrous Diamonds
Broadley M, Byrne D, Kopylova MG, Thomassot E, Almayrac M & Marty B

(2019) Geochemical Evidence for High Volatile Fluxes from the Mantle at the End of the Archean
Marty B, Bekaert D, Broadley M & Jaupart C

(2019) Detection of Primordial Heavy Noble Gases in Yellowstone National Park
Broadley M, Barry P, Bekaert D, Caracausi A, Ballentine C & Marty B

(2019) Focussed Degassing of Stored Carbon
Fischer TP, Muirhead J, Foley SF, Sano Y, Lee H, Takahata N, Laizer A, Kazimoto E, Oliva S, Ebinger C, Van Wijk J, Werner C, Aiuppa A, Allard P, Lopez T, Dufek J & Marty B

(2019) Noble Gas Insights into the Degassing History of Earth's Mantle Reservoirs
Bekaert D, Broadley M, Caracausi A & Marty B

(2019) The EXCITING Experiment: Understanding the Isotopic and Elemental Evolution of Noble Gases Trapped in Water Ice
Almayrac M, Bekaert D, Broadley M & Marty B

(2018) Origin and Early Evolution of Terrestrial Volatiles
Marty B

(2018) Xenon Isotopes in Archean Kerogens: On the Syngenetic Origin of Ancient Organic Materials and Evolution of the Primitive Atmosphere
Bekaert DV, Broadley MW, Delarue F, Avice G, Robert F & Marty B

(2018) Constraints on the Formation and Evolution of the Earth's Atmosphere from Cometary Noble Gases
Broadley M, Bekaert D & Marty B

(2018) Potassium Isotopic Systematics of Oceanic Basalts
Tuller-Ross B, Lee H, Chen H, Marty B, Kelley KA & Wang K

(2017) Xenon in the Mantle Below Europe: Constrains on Mantle Plume and Implications for Early Earth's Differentiation
Caracausi A & Marty B

(2017) The Oldoinyo Lengai Volcano Plumbing System Architecture, and Composition from Source to Surface
Mollex G, France L, Füri E, Bonnet R, Botcharnikov R, Zimmermann L, Wilke S, Deloule E, Chazot G, Kazimoto E, Marty B & Burnard P

(2017) Potential of the Earth’s Core as a Reservoir for Noble Gases?
Bouhifd MA, Jephcoat A, Kelley S, Porcelli D & Marty B

(2017) Assessing the Roles of Comets in Delivering Volatile Elements to Earth
Marty B, Altwegg K & Rubin M

(2016) Nitrogen Isotope Fractionation during Terrestrial Core-Mantle Separation
Li Y, Marty B, Shcheka S, Zimmermann L & Keppler H

(2016) Nitrogen Isotopes as Tracers of Volatile Sources in the Inner Solar System
Füri E & Marty B

(2016) Composition of Cometary Volatiles: Implications for the Delivery of Atmospheric Species and for Solar System Dynamics
Marty B, Altwegg K, Avice G & Morbidelli A

(2016) Chondritic Xenon in a Mantle Plume beneath Eifel (Germany): Implications for Early Earth's Differentiation
Caracausi A, Avice G, Burnard P, Furi E & Marty B

(2016) The Isotopic Composition of the Martian Atmosphere Recorded in the Tissint Meteorite
Avice G, Bekaert D, Marty B & Chennaoui Aoudjehane H

(2016) 3He Excess in Air, a New Potential Tracer for Volcanic CO2 Emissions in the Atmosphere
Boucher C, Marty B, Lan T, Mabry J, Burnard P, Boucher P, Zimmermann L, Ayalew D, Fischer T, De Moor JM & Zelenski M

(2015) Synthesis of Refractory Organic Matter in the Ionized Gas Phase of the Solar Nebula
Kuga M, Marty B, Marrocchi Y & Tissandier L

(2015) Composition of Cometary Volatiles: Results from the ROSINA Instrument on Board of the ROSETTA Spacecraft
Marty B, Altwegg K, Balsiger H, Haessig M, Rubin M & Mousis O

(2015) Origin of Terrestrial Volatiles: Potential Contribution of Comets
Marty B

(2015) Hg Isotopes at the K-Pg Boundary
Meier MMM, Cloquet C, Marty B, Ferrière L & Koeberl C

(2015) Origin of Nitrogen in Lunar Basalts
Füri E, Barry PB, Taylor LA & Marty B

(2015) The Controversy of the Variation of the Helium Isotopes Ratio in Air with Latitude
Boucher C, Lan TF, Bekaert D, Mabry J, Marty B & Burnard P

(2015) The Evolution of the Isotopic Composition of the Atmosphere Through Time
Avice G, Marty B, Burgess R & Zimmermann L

(2014) Origins and Concentrations of Volatiles in the Interiors of the Terrestrial Planets
Füri E & Marty B

(2014) Geochemical Insights into the Composition of the Archean Atmosphere
Marty B, Avice G, Burgess R, Burnard P, Hebrard E, Kuga M, Philippot P, Pujol M & Zimmermann L

(2014) The Age of the Earth-Moon System Revisited Using Xenon Isotope Systematics
Avice G & Marty B

(2014) Constraints on the N Isotopic Evolution of the Solar Nebula from Volatile Analyses of a CAI
Füri E, Chaussidon M & Marty B

(2013) Sulfur and Halogen Fluxes at Mid-Ocean Ridges: Estimations Based on Gas Compositions in MORB Vesicles
Kagoshima T, Sano Y, Takahata N & Marty B

(2013) The Composition of the Archean Atmosphere as a Tracer of Volatile Exchange between the Mantle, the Surface and the Outer Space
Marty B, Pujol M, Burgess R, Hébrard E, Zimmermann L & Philippot P

(2013) Modeling the Evolution of the Isotopic Composition of Atmospheric Xenon Through Time
Avice G & Marty B

(2013) Nitrogen Isotopes in Lunar Soils: A Record of Contributions to Planetary Surfaces in the Inner Solar System
Marty B, Chaussidon M, Füri E, Hashizume K, Podosek F, Wieler R & Zimmermann L

(2013) Temporal Variations of Atmospheric Helium Isotopes
Mabry J, Lan T, Burnard P & Marty B

(2013) High-Precision Atmospheric Helium Isotope Measurement in Volcanic Areas
Lan TF, Mabry JC, Marty B, Burnard P, Füri E, de Moor JM, Fischer TP & McMurtry GM

(2013) Evidence for Chondritic Lunar Water and Nitrogen Trapped in Apollo 17 Volcanic Glasses
Füri E, Marty B, Deloule E & Gurenko A

(2013) Origin of Refractory Organics in Chondrites: An Experimental Study
Kuga M, Marty B & Marrocchi Y

(2013) Primordial Noble Gas in the Solar System
Ozima M & Marty B

(2012) Investigations into Temporal and Spatial Variations in Atmospheric Helium Isotopes
Mabry J, Marty B & Burnard P

(2012) The Volatile Element Record of Earth's Accretion
Marty B

(2012) Nitrogen Composition of the Ancient Atmosphere from Fluid Inclusion Analysis of Archean Quartz
Marty B, Zimmermann L, Pujol M, Burgess R & Phillipot P

(2012) Sulfur Isotope Fractionation during Basaltic Degassing
de Moor M, Fischer T, King P, Sharp Z, Marcus M, Spilde M & Marty B

(2012) Origin of Q-Gases in Pristine Meteorites: An Experimental Study
Kuga M, Marty B, Marrocchi Y, Tissandier L & Zimmermann L

(2011) Magma Degassing Timescales from Vesicle Size Distribution and Bubble Composition Heterogeneity in MORB Glasses
Colin A, Burnard P & Marty B

(2011) Origin and Flux of Lunar (Micro-) Impactors: Constraints from N-Ar Analyses of Single Luna 24 Grains
Füri E, Marty B & Assonov S

(2011) Variations in Atmospheric Helium Isotopes
Mabry J, Marty B & Burnard P

(2011) Mantle Degassing Rates and Gas Loss from Atmosphere: A View from Xenology
Tolstikhin I, Marty B & Hofmann A

(2010) Xenon Isotope Evidence for UV Irradiation in the Hadean and the Archean
Pujol M, Marty B & Marrocchi Y

(2010) The Volatile Abundance Pattern of the Mantle-Atmosphere: Clues to Origin and Reservoir Fluxes
Marty B

(2009) Xenon in Archean Barite
Pujol M, Marty B, Burnard P & Philippot P

(2009) Large Scale Nitrogen Isotope Variation in the Solar System
Marty B, Zimmermann L & Burnard P

(2009) A Study of Degassing at Mid-Oceanic Ridges by Bubble-By-Bubble Analyses
Colin A, Burnard P & Marty B

(2008) Assessing a Plume Contribution to the Galapagos Speading Center by Neon Isotopes
Colin A, Burnard P, Marty B & Graham D

(2008) In Search of the Archaean Atmosphere in Fluid Inclusions Trapped in 3.52 Ga Quartz (Pilbara Drilling Project)
Pujol M, Marty B, Cauzid J & Philippot P

(2007) Genesis and the Isotopic Composition of Nitrogen in the Solar Wind
Marty B, Zimmermann L & Burnard P

(2007) Geodynamical Transition in the Mantle at the End of the Hadean
Coltice N & Marty B

(2007) The Source and Distribution of Volatile Elements on Hadean Earth
Yokochi R & Marty B

(2007) Noble Gases Composition of Palaeo Archaean Atmosphere and Mantle
Pujol M, Marty B, Cauzid J & Philippot P

(2007) Impact of the Late Heavy Bombardment on Earth
Marty B & Meibom A

(2007) Terrestrial Atmospheric Nitrogen in Lunar Soils?
Podosek F, Marty B, Zimmerman L, Korotev R & Ozima M

(2006) A search for cosmogenic nitrogen in a terrestrial rock
Marty B, Yokochi R, Schaefer J & Wieler R

(2006) Mantle dynamics in the Hadean : Earth and Mars
Marty B, Yokopchi R & Marti K

(2006) Xe isotopes in carbonatites: Oldonyo Lengai, East African Rift
Burnard P, Basset R, Marty B, Fischer T, Palhol F, Mangasini F & Makene C

(2006) Chemical composition of Archaean hydrothermal fluids from the Dresser formation (Pilbara Drilling Project, Australia)
Pujol M, Philippot P & Marty B

(2006) High resolution, multicollector noble gas mass spectrometry: HELIX-MC
Burnard P, Pujol M, Basset R & Marty B

(2005) The Source and Consequence of Neon Isotope Heterogeneity in the Mantle
Ballentine C, Marty B, Sherwood Lollar B & Cassidy M

(2004) High Elevation Cosmogenic 3He Production Rates (Central Nepal) Determined from 10Be Cross-Calibration
Gayer E, Pik R, France-Lanord C, Lave J, Bourles D & Marty B

(2003) The Xenon Record of the Evolution of Mars
Marty B, Mathew K & Marti K

(2003) Stigating Nitrogen Biosignatures in Early Archean and Proterozoic Metasedimentary Phyllosilicates
Papineau D, Mojzsis S, Karhu J & Marty B

(2003) Correlated Mo and Ru Anomalies in Differentiated Meteorites
Dauphas N, Marty B, Davis A, Reisberg L & Gallino R

(2003) On the Origin of Meteoritic Organics – Clues from the Proto-Solar C and N Isotopic Compositions
Hashizume K, Marty B & Chaussidon M

(2003) Discrepancy between Terrestrial Xenology and He-Ne Systematics
Yokochi R & Marty B

(2002) Cosmogenic 3He Production Rate: Comparison of He and Be Data from Himalayan Samples
Gayer E, Pik R, France-Lanord C, Marty B & Bourles D

(2002) Martian Xenology
Marty B, Mathew K & Marti K

(2002) Extension of the Afar Plume Material: He Isotope Constraints
Yokochi R, Pik R, Marty B & Chazot G

(2002) Solubility and Diffusion of Helium in Amorphous Diopside and Anorthite: Measurements Above and Below the Glass Transition
Marrocchi Y, Toplis M, Pik R & Marty B

(2002) Oxygen Isotopic Composition of Single Aerosol Particles: A Study of Saharan Dust Sources
Aleon J, Chaussidon M, Marty B, Schütz L & Jaenicke R

(2002) Long-Term Drainage Network Stability and Uplift of the Ethiopian Plateau Deduced from (U-Th)/He Thermochronometry
Pik R, Marty B & Carignan J

(2002) Technetium-97 and P-Radionuclides
Dauphas N, Rauscher T, Schatz H, Marty B & Reisberg L

(2002) Volatile Mass Balance and Recycling at Subduction Zones
Hilton D, Fischer T & Marty B

(2000) Nitrogen Isotope Systematics of the Mantle and the Fate of Organic Matter Through Time
Marty B & Dauphas N

(2000) 18O/16O Ratios of Quartz Grains as a Proxy for Source Areas of Atmospheric Detritic Dust: The Case of the Eolian Erosion of the Sahara Desert
Aléon J, Chaussidon M, Marty B, Jaenicke R & Schütz L

(2000) In Search of Live 97Tc in the Early Solar System
Dauphas N, Marty B & Reisberg L

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