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All abstracts by Harue Masuda in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2014) Arsenic Behavior in Modern Deep Sea Sediment Columns
Masuda H, Yoshinishi H & Toki T

(2014) Transportation Process of Arsenic in Red River, Vietnam
Masuda H, Inoue R, Shintani T, Chikaoka F, Luan TX, Hang DT, Yonezawa G & Nakano T

(2014) Geochemical Mapping of Trace and Rare Earth Elements in Small Rivers of North Osaka, Japan
Even E, Nojima A, Masuda H, Yamanaka T & Nakano T

(2013) Groundwater Chemistry in 2012 in Miyagi Prefecture Including Tsunami Affected Area
Masuda H, Nakaya S, Ikawa R & Marui A

(2011) Promoting As Release by Aerobic Water Infiltration into Holocene Aquifer, Bangladesh
Masuda H, Maeda S, Okabayashi K, Seddique AA, Mitamura M, Morikawa N & Nakaya S

(2010) Chlorite as a Primary Source of Arsenic in Groundwater Aquifer Sediments in Bengal Delta
Masuda H, Shinoda K, Noguchi N, Okudaira T, Takahashi Y, Mitamura M & Seddique AA

(2009) Variations in the Redox State of As and Fe Measured by X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy in Aquifers of Bangladesh and their Effect on As Adsorption
Itai T, Takahashi Y, Mitamura M, Maruoka T & Masuda H

(2008) What Does Cause a Bell-Shaped Profile of Aqueous As in Contaminated Holocene Aquifer?
Itai T, Takahashi Y, Seddique AA, Mitamura M, Maruoka T & Masuda H

(2007) Anomalously Low D/H Ratio of H2 Gas from High Temperature Hydrothermal Fluids in the Mariana Trough
Kawagucci S, Toki T, Ito M, Oomori T, Ishibashi J-I, Masuda H, Takai K & Gamo T

(2003) Stability and Dissolution Characteristics of Amino Acids in Ocean Bottom Sediment Under Hydrothemal Conditions
Ito M, Gupta L, Masuda H & Kawahata H

(2003) Seasonal Variation and Altitude Distribution of Bulk Deposition Chemistry at Mt. Emei, Sichuan Province, China
Akata N, Yanagisawa F, Shuyuan J, Li X, Yang H & Masuda H

(2003) Fluoride and Arsenic Poisoning in Ground Water of Kalalanwala Area Near Lahore, Pakistan
Farooqi A, Firdous N, Masuda H & Haider N

(2003) Arsenic Behavior in the Modern Sediments and the Controlling Factors of its Release into Groundwater
Masuda H, Mitamura M, Yamatani Y, Sato T & Tane T

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