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All abstracts by João Mata in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Hyeres Seamount – A New Insight into the Southern Azores Seamount Chain and the Azores Region
Ribeiro L, Madureira P & Mata J

(2020) Multiple Sulfur Isotopes of Carbonatites, a Window into their Formation Conditions
Bouyon A, Klausen M, Mata J, Tappe S, Farquhar J & Cartigny P

(2019) U-Pb Ages and Cooling Rates of Variscan Migmatites from the Central Iberian Zone: Geodynamic Implications
Ferreira J, Bento dos Santos T, Pereira I & Mata J

(2019) Rifting Inception of the Variscan Cycle at the Central Iberian Zone
Cotrim B, Bento dos Santos T, Mata J, Benoit M & Jesus A

(2019) Isotopic Disequilibrium between Migmatites and Granites in an Anatectic Complex
Ferreira JA, Mata J & Bento dos Santos T

(2019) Geochronological, Geochemical and Petrographic Constraints on Incremental Pluton Growth: The Case of Macao Granitic Suite, SE China
Quelhas P, Dias ÁA, Mata J & Wayne Davis D

(2019) Multiple LIP Pulses of the Central Iapetus Magmatic Province (CIMP) and Link with Glaciations during the Ediacaran-Cambrian
Youbi N, Ernst RE, Söderlund U, Boumehdi MA, Bensalah MK, Mata J, Madeira J, Ait Lahna A, Gaeta Tassinari CC & El Moume W

(2017) The 2014 Fogo Eruption (Cape Verde): Constraints on the Short-Term Geochemical Evolution and Plumbing System
Mata J, Martins S, Mattielli N, Madeira J, Caldeira R, Ramalho R, Silva P & Moreira M

(2017) New Geochemical Constraints on I-Type Granites of Macao: Petrogenesis and Geodynamic Implications
Quelhas P, Mata J, Lou UT, Borges R, Ribeiro ML & Dias ÁA

(2017) The Link between Diatexites and Syn-Tectonic Granites of an Iberian Variscan Anatectic Complex
Ferreira JA, Bento dos Santos T, Mata J & Pereira I

(2013) Sr and Nd Isotope Data for Arc-Related (Meta) Volcanics (SW Iberia)
Santos JF, Mata J, Ribeiro S, Fernandes J & Silva J

(2011) He and Ne Isotopic Ratios from the Terceira Rift (Azores): Constraints on the Boundary between Eurasia and Nubia Mantle Sources
Madureira P, Moreira M, Nunes J, Lourenço N, Gautheron C, Carvalho R, Mata J & Pinto de Abreu M

(2011) The Mesozoic Evolution of the West Iberian Margin as Witnessed by Magma Geochemistry
Mata J, Alves CF, Miranda R, Martins L, Madeira J, Terrinha P, Youbi N, Bensalah M & Azevedo MDR

(2010) Geochemical Variability of the Mantle beneath São Tomé Island (Cameroon Volcanic Line)
Caldeira R, Munhá J, Mata J & Madeira J

(2009) Isotopic and Trace Element Constraints on the Source of the Late Cretaceous Alkaline Magmatism of the West Iberian Margin
Miranda R, Mata J, Terrinha P & Azevedo MDR

(2008) Contrasting Isotopic (Sm-Nd) Signatures in an Equivocal Bimodal Igneous Complex (Ossa-Morena Zone, SW Iberia)
Carrilho Lopes J, Munhá J, Pin C & Mata J

(2008) On the Origin of the EM-1 Component in Santiago Island (Cape Verde)
Martins S, Mata J, Munhá J & Mattielli N

(2008) Terceira Lavas Isotopic Signatures and Multi-Scale Mantle Heterogeneity at the Azores Archipelago
Madureira P, Mata J, Mattielli N & Queiroz G

(2007) Plume-Lithosphere Interaction at Santiago Island (Cape Verde)
Martins S, Mata J, Munhá J & Mattielli N

(2007) Isotope Evidences for the Origin of Cape Verde Oceanic Carbonatites
Doucelance R, Mata J, Moreira M & Silva LC

(2007) Further Helium Isotopic Evidence for a Lower Mantle Contribution to the Cape Verde Plume
Mourão C, Mata J, Moreira M, Doucelance R & Madeira J

(2007) Temporal Evolution of the Cabo Verde Archipelago: New Constraints from 40Ar-39Ar Data
Bosse V, Doucelance R, Fornari M & Mata J

(2007) Geochemical Evidence for Extensive Carbonate Assimilation by CAMP Tholeiites from Algarve (S Portugal)
Martins L, Munhá J, Madeira J, Youbi N, Mata J & Kerrich R

(2007) Earth's Mantle Th/U and U/Pb Evolution in the Archean
Mata J, Kerrich R & Gonçalves M

(2007) Age Constraints on the Late Cretaceous Alkaline Magmatism on the West Iberian Margin
Miranda R, Mata J, Valadares V, Terrinha P, Azevedo MDR, Gaspar LM, Kullberg JC & Ribeiro C

(2005) The Azores Hotspot: A Lower Mantle Origin for Terceira Magmas as Shown by NE Isotopic Data
Madureira P, Moreira M & Mata J

(2004) Multiple Olivine He Isotopic Signatures from a Single Rock Sample
Madureira P, Moreira M, Mata J & Queiroz G

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