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All abstracts by Alan Matthews in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2012) Isotopic Tracers of Metal Cycling in the Oceans and Sediments
Vance D, Little S, Cameron V, Sherman D, Westermann S, Matthews A & Lyons T

(2012) Iron Isotope Signatures in Magnetite Formed by Marine Invertebrates
Emmanuel S, Vinther J, Schuessler JA, von Blanckenburg F & Matthews A

(2011) Causes and Consequences of Isotopically Heavy Dissolved Molybdenum in Rivers
Vance D, Keech A, Matthews A & Archer C

(2011) Sr Isotopic Composition of Manganese Nodules: Recorder of Cambrian Ocean
Harlavan Y, Bar-Matthews M & Matthews A

(2011) Low Molybdenum Isotope Compositions in Euxinic Sapropel S1
Azrieli I, Matthews A, Bar-Matthews M, Almogi-Labin A, Vance D, Archer C & Teutsch N

(2011) Fluid-Flow Controls of Low δ57Fe Hydrothermal Iron Mineralization
Matthews A, Erel Y, Stern D, Ryb U & Avni Y

(2011) Kinetic Isotopes Effects in Speleothems: Insight from Clumped Isotopes and Fluid Inclusions
Affek H, Zaarur S, Kluge T, Matthews A, Burstein Y, Ayalon A & Bar-Matthews M

(2009) A Fossil Oceanic Core Complex in the Troodos Ophiolite, Cyprus: Field and Isotope Evidence
Katzir Y, Nuriel P, Abelson M, Valley JW, Matthews A, Spicuzza MJ & Ayalon A

(2008) Seasonal Climate Change as Revealed by Ion Microprobe Analysis of δ18O in Soreq Cave (Israel) Speleothems
Orland I, Bar-Matthews M, Kita N, Ayalon A, Matthews A & Valley J

(2008) Copper and Lead Isotopes as Tracers of Copper Redox Cycling
Asael D, Matthews A, Bar-Matthews M & Segal I

(2008) Low δ57Fe Values Record the Onset of Palaeoproterozoic Bacterial Manganese Reduction
Tsikos H, Matthews A, Moore J & Erel Y

(2008) Relations between Mediterranean Cyclones and African Monsoon from Speleothems of Negev Desert, Israel
Vaks A, Bar-Matthews M, Ayalon A, Matthews A & Frumkin A

(2007) Nitrate Reduction, Sulfate Reduction and Sedimentary Iron-Isotope Evolution during the Cenomanian-Turonian Oceanic Anoxic Event (OAE2)
Jenkyns H, Matthews A, Tsikos H & Erel Y

(2007) Ore Deposits: An Interface between the Metallic and Light Stable Isotopes
Matthews A

(2005) Redox Fractionation of Copper Isotopes in Sedimentary Conditions
Asael D, Matthews A, Bar-Matthews M, Halicz L, Ehrlich S & Teplyakov N

(2004) Transition Metal Isotope Fractionation on Metal Sulfide Precipitation
Butler I, Archer C, Ehrlich S, Vance D, Matthews A & Rickard D

(2004) Oxygen and Iron Isotope Tracing of Metallic-Element Migration in the Continental Sub-Surface
Matthews A, Erel Y, Grosz S, Ilani S, Ayalon A & Halicz L

(2003) Experimental Study of Copper Isotope Fractionation between Aqueous Cu(II) and Cu(I) Sulphide
Ehrlich S, Butler I, Halicz L, Rickard D & Matthews A

(2002) Implications for Post-Sapropel Aridity on Land in the Eastern Mediterranean Region
Bar-Matthews M, Ayalon A, Gilmour M, Matthews A & Hawkesworth C

(2002) Cyclic Variations of Iron Isotope Composition during Diagenesis: The Kimmeridge Clay Formation (UK)
Matthews A, Morgans-Bell H, Emmanuel S, Jenkyns HC & Halicz L

(2002) Continuum of Peak Metamorphism in Anatectic Terrains
Baker J, Matthews A & Mattey DP

(2002) Low-Temperature Reactive Transport of Fe-Mg-Si Bearing Solutions in Sedimentary Carbonate Host-Rock
Gadish S, Matthews A & Ilani S

(2002) Palaeohydrology in the Eastern Mediterranean from Speleothem Fluid Inclusion D/H Analyses
McGarry S, Bar-Matthews M, Matthews A & Ayalon A

(2001) Mass Fractionation of Transition Metal Isotopes
Zhu XK, O’Nions RK, Matthews A, Guo Y & Williams RJP

(2000) Experimental Study of Iron Isotope Fractionation
Matthews A, Zhu X & O'Nions K

(2000) Fractionation of Heavier Stable Isotopes in Planetary Processes
O'Nions RK, Zhu XK, Guo Y & Matthews A

(2000) Volatile Transport and Fluid-Rock Interaction in Aplites and Pegmatites Associated with the Crystallization of Anatectic Melts, Naxos, Greece
Matthews A, Putlitz B, Gutkin V & Hamiel Y

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