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All abstracts by Frank McDermott in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Methodologies for Quantification of CO2 Drawdown by Enhanced Weathering
McDermott F, Bryson M, Magee R & van Acken D

(2017) Sourcing Groundwater Arsenic Contamination in North-East Ireland
Russell A, McDermott F, Hunter Williams T, Daly E, Henry T & Morrison L

(2015) Spatio-temporal Coherency Analysis of European Holocene Speleothem δ18O Records Reveals Temperature Driven Changes
Deininger M & McDermott F

(2014) The Onset of the Mediterranean Climate in Western Europe Inferred from Dating and CT Scanning of Un-Sectioned Stalagmite
Walczak I, Baldini J, Baldini L, Marsden S, Richards D, Standish C, McDermott F & Andreo B

(2010) Identifying the Link between Climate and Trace Element Concentrations in Cave Deposits Using a Daily-Scale Cave Drip Water Dataset
Baldini J, McDermott F, Baldini L & Clipson N

(2010) A High Resolution, Precisely Dated Speleothem Record of the Younger Dryas and Holocene from La Garma Cave, Northern Spain
Baldini L, McDermott F, Arias Cabal P, Baldini J, Mattey D, Hoffman D & Müller W

(2008) 14C Variability in Two Late Holocene Stalagmites and the Implications for Climate Forcing Mechanisms
McDermott F, Jackson A, Mangini A, Mattey D & Frisia S

(2008) Bacteria, Fungi and Archaea on Silicate Minerals – A Case for Selective Colonization
Hutchens E, McDermott F & Clipson N

(2008) Cave Air Controls on Stalagmite Growth Rates and Paleoclimate Records
Baldini J, McDermott F, Hoffmann D, Richards D & Clipson N

(2008) Spatial Variability in the NAO-European Winter Precipitation δ18O Relationship: Implications for Stalagmite Proxy NAO Index Reconstructions
Baldini L, McDermott F, Macpherson C, Hercman H & Baldini J

(2006) Forward modelling of speleothem δ18O; a critical assessment of their use as high-resolution climate proxies
McDermott F, Baldini J & Baldini L

(2006) Detection of late Holocene Δ14C anomalies and climate proxy response in a French stalagmite
Jackson A & McDermott F

(2006) Detecting NAO-mode variability in high-resolution speleothem isotope records
Baldini L, McDermott F & Baldini J

(2006) Effects of high-frequency cave atmosphere PCO2 variability on stalagmite climate proxy records
Baldini J, McDermott F & Clipson N

(2006) Microbial colonization of rock surfaces; random or mineral specific selection?
Hutchens E, Clipson N & McDermott FP

(2004) Local and Regional Geochemical Variability on the Southwest Indian Ridge (SWIR) and its Geophysical Context
Gleeson M, McDermott F & Hunter A

(2004) Source Compositional Variability beneath the Bicol Arc, the Philippines
McDermott F, Delfin F, Defant M, Turner S & Maury R

(2004) Environmental Controls on Annual Carbonate Deposition for Stalagmites from Brown’s Folly Mine, Wiltshire, England
Baldini J, McDermott F & Fairchild I

(2002) Solar Forcing of Holocene Climate; Where are the Amplifiers?
McDermott F

(2002) Geochemistry of Crustal Samples from the Atlantis Bank Platform, SWIR
Gleeson M, Hunter A, McDermott F, Pearson G, Nowell G & Fallick A

(2000) Evidence for an Abrupt, High-Amplitude Climate Fluctuation c. 8, 300 Years ago in a New Laser Ablation *18O Record for a Holocene Speleothem from S.W. Ireland
McDermott F, Mattey D & Hakesworth C

(2000) U Isotope Systematics in Four European Stalagmites: New Insights and Implications for Palaeoclimatic Reconstruction
Huang Y, McDermott F, Hawkesworh CJ & Fairchild IJ

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