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All abstracts by James P. McKinley in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2014) Acidovorax Species Reveal Potential for Oxidation of Hydrogen Coupled to Reduction of Oxygen, Nitrate, and Radionuclides Across a Subsurface Redox Gradient
Plymale A, Lee J-H, Fredrickson J, Dohnalkova A, Moran J, Resch C, McKinley J, Shi L, Roden E & Converse B

(2014) Reactivity of Tc at the Groundwater-Surface Water Interface
Zachara J, Fredrickson J & McKinley J

(2012) Dissolution of Uranyl Precipitates in Contaminated Vadose Zone Sediments
Singh A, Zachara JM, McKinley JP, Liu C, Boyanov MI, Kemner KM & Moore DA

(2011) Challenges in the Identification of Redox Reactive Fe(II) Mineral Phases in Suboxic Aquifer Sediments
Zachara J, Peretyazhko T, McKinley J, Liu C & Felmy A

(2011) Biogeochemical Redox Transformations of Pertechnetate (99TcO4-)
Fredrickson J, Lee J-H, Plymale A, Dohnalkova A, Heald S, Peretyazhko T, McKinley J & Zachara J

(2010) The Deep Vadoze Zone as a Source of Uranium to the Near-Shore Aquifer at the Hanford Site, Washington
McKinley J, Zachara J, Resch C, Girvin D, Kaluzny R, Vermeul V & Christensen J

(2010) Uranium Isotopic Systematics of the 300 Area (Hanford, WA) Groundwater Plume and U-Contaminated Sediments
Christensen JN, McKinley JP, Conrad ME, Stoliker D, Dresel PE, DePaolo DJ & Zachara JM

(2008) Biogeochemical Redox Reactions Controlling Technetium-99 Solubility
Plymale A, Kennedy D, Jaisi D, Dong H, Heald S, Dohnalkova A, Marshall M, Zachara J, McKinley J & Fredrickson J

(2007) Microscale Controls on Contaminants at the Hanford Site
McKinley J, Zachara J & Heald S

(2005) Microscopic Reactive Diffusion of U(VI) in Subsurface Sediments: Characterization and Modeling
Liu C, Majors P, Zachara J & McKinley J

(2005) Molecular Speciation, Mineral Residence, and Geochemical Behavior of U in Contaminated Subsurface Sediments
Zachara J, McKinley J, Liu C, Wang Z, Catalano J & Brown G

(2005) Probing Uranium Speciation in Contaminated Hanford Sediments
Catalano J, Wang Z, McKinley J, Zachara J, Heald S & Brown G

(2003) Geochemical Investigations of the Hyporheic Zone of the Columbia River, Hanford Site, USA
McKinley J, Arntzen E, Geist D & Fredrickson J

(2002) The Reductive Immobilization of Pertechnetate by Bioreduced Sediments
Mckinley JP, Zachara JM, Heald SM & Fredrickson JK

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