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All abstracts by Scott McLennan in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2016) Sedimentary Petrology of the Murray Mudstone, Gale Crater, Mars
Siebach K, Grotzinger J, Hurowitz J, McLennan S, Fischer W & Gellert R

(2013) The Petrochemistry of Jake_M: A Martian Mugearite
Stolper EM, Baker MB, Cousin A, Fisk M, Gellert R, King PL, Maurice S, McLennan SM, Minitti ME, Newcombe M, Sautter V, Schmidt ME, Treiman AH & Wiens RC

(2013) Geochemical Diversity and K-Rich Compositions found by the MSL APXS in Gale Crater, Mars
Schmidt M, King P, Gellert R, Elliott B, Thompson L, Berger J, Bridges J, Campbell JL, Ehlmann B, Hurowitz J, Leshin L, Lewis K, McLennan S, Ming D, Perrett G, Pradler I, Stolper E, Squyres S & Treiman A

(2011) Relationships between the Composition of Planetary Crusts and their Sedimentary Records
McLennan S

(2010) Geochemical Perspectives on the Sedimentary Rock Cycle of Mars
McLennan S

(2010) Correlations of H2O and S in the Martian Midlatitudes
Karunatillake S, McLennan S, Squyres S, Gasnault O & Boynton W

(2007) A View of Martian Weathering from Microns to Hundreds of Kilometers
Taylor GJ, Stopar J, Hurowitz J, McLennan S, Boynton W, Wyatt M & Baloga S

(2007) Application of the Pitzer Ion Interaction Model to the Fe2(SO4)3-H2SO4-H2O System
Tosca N, Smirnov A & McLennan S

(2007) The Bulk Chemical Composition of the Upper Martian Crust
Hahn B & McLennan S

(2006) Surficial Processes on Mars: A Planet on Acid
McLennan S, Hurowitz JA, Tosca NJ & Arlauckas SM

(2006) Crustal Evolution on the Terrestrial Planets: Contrasts in Style, Timing and Composition
McLennan S, Taylor SR & Hahn BC

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