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All abstracts by Nicola McLoughlin in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Probing the Archean Sub-Seafloor Hydrothermal Environment for Early Traces of Life
McLoughlin N, Grosch E, Saunders M & Wacey D

(2019) Investigating Putative Biosignatures in Olivine from the Subsurface of Mars
McLoughlin N, Grosch E, Vullum PE, Gaugliardo P, Saunders M & Wacey D

(2017) Biogenicity of Fe-Oxyhydroxide Filaments in Silicified Low-Temperature Hydrothermal Deposits
Johannessen KC, McLoughlin N, Vullum PE & Thorseth I

(2017) Was the Archean Subseafloor of the Barberton Greenstone Belt a Habitat for Early Life?
Grosch E & McLoughlin N

(2013) Geochemistry and Nano-Structure of Putative Filamentous Microbes from the 3.24 Ga Sulfur Springs Group, Pilbara, Western Australia
Wacey D, Saunders M, Kilburn M, Cliff J, Kong C, Barley M & McLoughlin N

(2011) Geochemical Characterization of Biosignatures in Subseafloor Basalts
Knowles E, Staudigel H, McLoughlin N & Templeton A

(2009) Combined FIB and TEM Analysis of Tubular Alteration Textures in Pillow Lavas from the 2.0 Ga Pechenga Greenstone Belt, Russia
Fliegel D, Wirth R, McLoughlin N & Furnes H

(2009) Pillow Lava as Microbial Habitat for 3.5 Billion Years: Petrographic Signatures of Bioalteration
Furnes H, McLoughlin N, Staudigel H, Banerjee NR, Fliegel D, Muehlenbachs K & DeWit M

(2008) Inferring Mechanisms of Biocorrosion from Trace Fossil Morphology
Staudigel H, Furnes H, McLoughlin N, Banerjee N, Connell L & Templeton A

(2008) Direct in situ Dating of Titanite in Biotextures Using Laser Ablation MC-ICP-MS
Fliegel D, Mcloughlin N, Kosler J, Banerjee N, Simonetti A & Furnes H

(2007) Direct Dating of Archean Microbial Ichnofossils
Banerjee N, Simonetti A, Furnes H, Muehlenbachs K, Staudigel H, McLoughlin N, de Wit M & Van Kranendonk M

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