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All abstracts by Jerry F. McManus in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Spatial Patterns of Terrigenous Fluxes in the Tropical Atlantic Since the Last Glacial Maximum
Rowland GH, Robinson LF, Hendry KR, Ng HC, McGee D & McManus JF

(2016) More Efficient CO2 Sequestration in the North Atlantic Ocean during the Last Glacial
Yu J, Thornalley D, Jin Z, Rohling E, McCave IN, Menviel L, Foster G, McManus JF, Anderson RF, Zhang F & Wang X

(2016) 70 ka of Dust Deposition and Elemental Composition in the Subtropical Mid-Atlantic
Middleton J, Mukhopadhyay S, Langmuir C & McManus J

(2015) Last Glacial Maximum and Hydrothermal Sediment Fluxes on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge
Middleton J, Mukhopadhyay S, McManus J & Langmuir C

(2015) An Export Production Peak in the Red Sea during Termination II Triggered by Early Sealevel Rise
Torfstein A, Almogi-Labin A & McManus JF

(2015) Spatial and Temporal Variations of Sedimentary 231Pa/230Th in the Equatorial Atlantic
Ng HC, Robinson LF, McManus JF, Mohamed Falcon KJ, Jacobel AW & Henry LG

(2015) The Use of 232Th as a Proxy for Aeolian Dust: A Core Top Study from the Low Latitude Atlantic
Rowland G, Ng HC, Robinson L & McManus J

(2012) (231Paex/230Thex)0 Records from a Depth Transect in the NE Atlantic 0-20 ka
Roberts N, McManus J & Piotrowski A

(2012) Holocene Intermediate Water Circulation at the Carolina Slope from Sedimentary 231Pa/230Th
Hoffmann S & McManus J

(2012) Reconstructing the Large-Scale Deep and Intermediate Ocean Circulation in the North Atlantic during the LGM and Last Deglaciation
McManus J, Hoffmann S, Roberts N, Henry G, Bradtmiller L, Mohamed K, Jacard S, Yu J, Piotrowski A, Oppo D, Curry W, Praetorius M & Robinson L

(2012) Provenance, Weathering and Comminution Ages of Late Quaternary Weddell Sea Sediments
Torfstein A, McManus J & Hemming S

(2011) Timing and Duration of Heinrich Events in the North Atlantic
McManus J

(2011) Removal of Seawater 234U Incorporated in Holocene Basaltic Sediments from the Reykjanes Ridge
Mohamed KJ, Robinson LF & McManus JF

(2010) U-Series Based Sediment Fluxes and Provenance South of Iceland Since the Last Glacial Maximum
Mohamed KJ, Robinson LF & McManus JF

(2010) The Role of Abyssal Ocean Circulation in Abrupt Climate Changes in the Past
McManus J, Yan B, Yanchilina A, Major C, Toledo F & Eglinton T

(2010) Geochemical, Isotopic, and Physical Evidence for Vigorous Meridional Overturning Circulation at Mid-Depth in the Atlantic Ocean at the LGM
McManus JF, Major C, Mohamed K, Robinson L, Oppo D, Curry W, Yu J, Bradtmiller L & Jaccard S

(2009) Measurement of 232Th, 230Th and 231Pa in Modern and Fossil Deep-Sea Corals
Robinson LF, McManus JF, Auro ME & van de Flierdt T

(2009) The Distribution of 231Pa and 230Th in Paired Water Column and Surface Sediment Samples
Bradtmiller L, Robinson L, McManus J, Auro M & Bostock H

(2009) Interpreting Nd Isotope and 231Pa/230Th Records in the Deep Western North Atlantic
Roberts N, Piotrowski A, McManus J & Keigwin L

(2009) Geochemical Evidence for the Climatic Impact of Ocean Circulation
McManus J, Yanchilina A, Major C & Eglinton T

(2008) Glacial-Interglacial Circulation Changes Inferred from Sediment 231Pa/230Th in the North Atlantic
Gherardi J, Francois R, Labeyrie L, Nave S, McManus J, Cortijo E & Jaccard S

(2008) Application of an Inverse Method to Interpret 231Pa/230Th Observations from Marine Sediments
Burke A, Marchal O & McManus J

(2008) Testing the Response of xs230Th and Extraterrestrial 3He to Sediment Redistribution at the Blake Ridge, Western North Atlantic
McGee D, Marcantonio F, McManus JF & Winckler G

(2007) Sedimentary 232Th as a Tracer of Dissolved Detrital Inputs to the Ocean
Robinson L, Noble T & McManus J

(2006) The accumulation of Authigenic Metals in Marine Sediments: Proxies for the Ocean's Carbon Cycle
McManus J, Poulson R & Berelson W

(2006) Molybdenum Isotopes in Modern Marine Sediments: Unique Signatures of Authigenic Processes
Poulson R, McManus J, Siebert C & Berelson W

(2006) The isotopic expression of Fe shuttling in modern and ancient euxinic sediments: implications for the rise of oxygen
Severmann S, Lyons TW, Duan Y, Anbar A, Gordon G & McManus J

(2006) High-resolution multi-molecular records from North Atlantic drift sediments (ODP Sites 980, 984) reflecting Late Quaternary/Holocene climate and ocean dynamics
Holtvoeth J, Wagner T, Johnson C, Meggers H, Mollenhauer G, Montluçon D, McManus J, Oppo D & Eglinton T

(2005) Molybdenum and Molybdenum Isotope Diagenesis in Continental Margin Settings: Geochemical Balance and Paleoproxy Implications
McManus J, Siebert C, Poulson R, Nägler T, Berelson W & Severmann S

(2004) Molybdenum, Uranium, and Vanadium Diagenesis in Marine Sedimentary Systems: Relation to Organic Carbon Flux and Isotopic Constraints on Mo Diagenesis
McManus J, Siebert C, Bice A, Severmann S & Berelson W

(2004) Molybdenum Isotopes as a Potential Proxy for Net Sulfate Reduction in Marine Sediments
Siebert C, Bice A, McManus J & Berelson W

(2002) Variable Rates of Ocean Circulation from Sedimentary 231Pa/230Th during the Last Ice Age Termination
McManus JF

(2000) Foraminifera Stable Isotopes, Bulk Sedimentary 231Pa/230Th, and the Link between Thermohaline Circulation and Rapid Climate Oscillations
McManus J, Francois R & Marchal O

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