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All abstracts by Christof Meile in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Resolving Environment-Microbe Feedback at the Pore Scaling Using a Reactive Transport Model Integrated with Genome-Enabled Microbial Metabolism
Jung H, Meile C, Song H-S, Asgari S & Lim S

(2021) How do Fluid Seepages Impact the Diagenetic Sequence in the Sedimentary Column? A Modelling Approach
Pastor L, Zindorf M, Rooze J, Meile C, Brandily C & Jouet G

(2021) Lugworm Bioturbation Controls Microbial Abundance, Activity, and Community Assembly and Biogeochemical Cycles in Intertidal Sediments
Deng L, Meile C, Fiskal A, Bölsterli D, Han X, Gajendra N, Bernasconi SM & Lever MA

(2020) Modeling Microbially-Mediated Biogeochemical Dynamics in Porous Media Under Various Flow Conditions
Jung H & Meile C

(2020) How do Sedimentation Events Trigger Geochemical Processes?
Pastor L, Zindorf M, Rooze J, Meile C, Brandily C, Schmidt S & Jouet G

(2019) Sulfur and Carbon Cycling in Fe Dominated Sediments from the Mozambique Margin: Past and Current Processes
Zindorf M, Rooze J, Meile C, Jouet G, März C, Bossier A, Cheron S, Brandily C & Pastor L

(2019) Flow and Short- and Long-Term Carbon Dynamics at Tidally Impacted Coastal Interfaces in the SE USA
Meile C, Schalles J, Peterson R, O'Donnell J, Bice K, Medeiros P, Di Iorio D, Hopkinson C, Joye S, Stegen J, Goldman A, Thomle J, Danczak R & Whonders T

(2019) Pore Scale Reactive Transport Modeling of Microbial Dynamics in Heterogenous Porous Media
Jung H & Meile C

(2018) PH Dynamics in Bioirrigated Permeable Sediments
Volkenborn N, Dwyer IP, Zhu Q, Meile C & Polerecky L

(2018) High-Resolution Imaging of O2, pH, and pCO2 in Bioirrigated Sediments
Dwyer IP, Zhu Q, Meile C, Polerecky L & Volkenborn N

(2017) Influence of pO2 on Iron Cycling and Anaerobic Carbon Mineralization in Redox Dynamic Soils
Chen C, Meile C, Wilmoth J, Barcellos D & Thompson A

(2016) The Effect of High Amplitude Redox Cycles on Soil Fe Reduction Rates and Mineral Composition
Ginn B, Meile C, Tang Y & Thompson A

(2014) Fe2+ Catalyzed Iron Atom Exchange and Re-crystallization in Soils from the Luquillo Critical Zone Observatory
Thompson A, Tishchenko V, Meile C, Scherer M & Pasakarnis T

(2012) Pumping Away: Impact of Benthic Macrofauna on Flow, Redox Dynamics and Sediment N Cycling
Meile C, Dornhoffer T, Kaza S, Volkenborn N & Waldbusser G

(2012) Fe Reduction and Atom Exchange Rates during Redox Oscillation of Luquillo CZO Forest Soils
Thompson A, Ginn B, Tishchenko V, Meile C, Wilmoth J, Pasakarnis T & Scherer M

(2012) Oxic-Anoxic Oscillations Driven by Infaunal Hydraulic Activity
Volkenborn N, Polerecky L, Meile C, Wethey DS & Woodin SA

(2012) Imposed Redox Frequency and Amplitude Flux in the Study of Iron Biogeochemical Dynamics
Wilmoth J, Meile C, Ginn B, Pasakarnis T, Hall S, Scherer M & Thompson A

(2010) Biogeochemical Dynamics in Salt Marsh Environments: The Role of Intertidal Hotspots
Hagens M & Meile C

(2010) Impact of Patchiness in Burrow Distribution on Sediment Chemistry
Dornhoffer T, Waldbusser G & Meile C

(2010) The Effect of Redox Cycles on the Partitioning of Fe, C, and P within Soil Systems
Ginn B, Meile C, Scherer M & Thompson A

(2010) Macrofaunal Transport Dynamics in Marine Sediments as Inferred from 2D Images
Meile C, Lopez-Maisonave C & Waldbusser G

(2010) Anaerobic Metabolism in Freshwater Sediments as a Methane Source: A Modeling Study
King E, Segarra K, Samarkin V, Joye S & Meile C

(2010) The Effects of Early Diagenesis on the Composition and δ13C Signal of Lignin from Two Marsh Plants
Bowles K, Meile C, Culp R & Sun M-Y

(2009) Anaerobic Metabolism and Methane Production in Freshwater Sediments: A Model Analysis of Experimental Data
King E, Segarra K, Samarkin V, Joye S & Meile C

(2005) Incorporating Complementary Ecological and Biogeochemical Information into Quantitative Bioirrigation Models
Koretsky C, Meile C & Van Cappellen P

(2005) Heterogeneity in Aquatic Sediments: 1D Representations of a 3D Environment
Meile C, Berg P, Van Cappellen P & Tuncay K

(2005) Irrigation in Early Diagenetic Models: From One-Dimensional Mass Transfer Coefficients to Multi-Dimensional, Ecologically-Based Models
Van Cappellen P, Meile C & Koretsky C

(2002) Seasonal Oscillations in Microbial Iron and Sulfate Reduction in Saltmarsh Sediments
Koretsky C, Moore C, Meile C, DiChristina T & Van Cappellen P

(2002) Global Benthic Fluxes: Importance of Enhanced Solute Transport in Marine Sediments
Meile C & Van Cappellen P

(2000) The Effect of Colonization by Spartina alterniflora on Pore Water Redox Geochemistry at a Saltmarsh on Sapelo Island, GA
Koretsky C, Meile C, Curry B, Haas J, Hunter K & Van Cappellen P

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