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All abstracts by Patrick Meister in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Protodolomite: Structure and Formation in Lakes
Pósfai M, Molnár Z, Pekker P, Rácz K, Dódony I, Pálfi I, Kristály F, Meister P, Frisia S & Magyari E

(2018) Bacteria Potentially Involved in Iron-Cycling in Surface Marine Sediments Revealed by Pyrosequencing
Reyes C, Dellwig O, Lipka M, Dähnke K, Gehre M, Noriega-Ortega BE, Böttcher ME, Meister P & Friedrich MW

(2013) Early Diagenetic Quartz Formation at a Deep Iron Oxidation Front in the Eastern Equatorial Pacific
Meister P, Chapligin B, Picard A, Meyer H, Fischer C, Rettenwander D, Amthauer G, Vogt C & Aiello I

(2011) Dynamic Subsurface Biosphere Fuelled by Organic Matter from the Past
Meister P, Contreras Quintana S, Liu B, Khalili A, Ferdelman TG, Kuypers M & Jørgensen BB

(2011) Long-Term Development of Diagenetic Signals of Past Sulfate-Methane Transition Zones in Subseafloor Sediments
Wehrmann L, März C, Meister P, Ockert C, Brunner B, Gussone N, Teichert B & Ferdelman T

(2010) Ca-Isotopes of Early Diagenetic Dolomite and Porewater from the Peru Margin
Teichert B, Meister P, Ockert C & Gussone N

(2009) Degree of Pyritization and 34S-Values Record Suboxic Conditions in Eastern Equatorial Pacific Sediments (ODP Site 1226)
Meister P, Freund S, Wehrmann L, Brunner B & Ferdelman T

(2002) Molecular Approach to Study Microbial Communities Involved in Modern Dolomite Formation
Mauclaire L, Meister P, Zepp K, Vasconcelos C & McKenzie JA

(2002) Dolomite Formation on the Peru Margin: Evidence for Microbial Activity in the Deep Biosphere
Meister P, McKenzie JA, Vasconcelos C & Ocean Drilling Program L2SSP

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