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All abstracts by Victor A. Melezhik in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2014) Evidence for Highly Oxidizing Groundwaters at 2.06 Ga
Rybacki K, Kump L, Melezhik V & Hanski E

(2013) Carbonates of the 2.0 Ga Zaonega Formation: REE and Sr Isotopic Indications of their Origin
Crne AE, Lepland A, Kamber BS, Melezhik VA, Prave AR, Fallick AE, Brasier AT & Condon DJ

(2013) Cr Isotopic Variations in Neoarchean to Paleoproterozoic Near-Surface Chemical Sediments
Schoenberg R, Kleinhanns I, Wille M, Van Zuilen M, Pedersen R-B, Melezhik V & Beukes N

(2013) A δ13C Record from Marine Carbonates Deposited Below Diamictites between ca. 2430 and 2440 Ma
Brasier A, Martin A, Melezhik V, Prave A, Condon D & Fallick A

(2012) Negative C-Isotope Excursion in Carbonates during 2.0 Ga Shunga Event
Crne AE, Melezhik VA, Lepland A, Fallick AE, Prave AR & Brasier AT

(2011) Abundant Marine Sulphate in the Palaeoproterozoic: Models Come and go, but the Rock Record Endures
Melezhik V, Fallick A & Rychanchik D

(2011) Long Residence (> 6 Ma) Time of Paleoproterozoic Seawater Sulfate Revealed by in situ and ex situ Sulfur Isotope Measurements
Reuschel M, Whitehouse MJ, Melezhik VA, Lepland A, Fallick AE & Strauss H

(2011) A Record of Paleoproterozoic Sulfur Cycling from ~2 Ga Zaonega Formation, NW Russia
Meister D, Melezhik VA, Lepland A & Strauss H

(2011) The Lomagundi-Jatuli δ13C-Event Revisited
Illing CJ, Summons RE, Fallick AE, Melezhik VA & Strauss H

(2010) Sulfate Standards for in situ High Spatial Resolution SIMS Measurements
Reuschel M, Whitehouse MJ, Lepland A, Melezhik VM & Strauss H

(2009) Response of the Ancient Anoxic Biosphere to the Oxidation of Terrestrial Environments
Melezhik V, Fallick A & Simonson B

(2009) Ca and Mg Isotope Variations of Paleoproterozoic (~2 Ga) Carbonates: Implications for Positive δ13C Event
Farkas J, Chakrabarti R, Melezhik V, Kump L, Medvedev P & Jacobsen S

(2009) Multiple Sulfur Isotope Measurements from the 2.4 Ga Old Seidorechka Formation
Reuschel M, Strauss H, Lepland A, Melezhik V, Cartigny P & Kaufman AJ

(2008) Re-Os Geochronology of Shungite: A 2.05 Ga Fossil Oil Field in Karelia
Hannah JL, Stein HJ, Zimmerman A, Yang G, Melezhik VA, Filippov MM, Turgeon SC & Creaser RA

(2006) Precise 2004 ± 9 Ma Re-Os age for Pechenga black shale: Comparison of sulfides and organic material
Hannah JL, Stein HJ, Zimmerman A, Yang G, Markey RJ & Melezhik VA

(2004) Anoxic Diagenetic Recycling of Organic Carbon Prior to 2.06 Ga: Evidence from Diagenetic Carbonates
Melezhik V & Fallick A

(2003) Shunga Event – Was it a Case of Palaeoproterozoic Mass Extinction?
Melezhik V, Filippov M & Romashkin A

(2001) Isotope Stratigraphy Applied to High-Grade Marbles from the Norwegian Caledonides for Dating of Carbonate Sedimentation
Melezhik VA, Gorokhov IM, Fallick AE & Gjelle S

(2000) 87Sr/86Sr Ratios and *13C in Early Palaeoproterozoic Marginal Marine, Sabkha and Lacustrine Evaporitic Carbonates, the Canadian and Fennoscandian Shields
Kuznetsov A, Melezhik V, Gorokhov I, Fallick A & Melnikov N

(2000) Isotopic Evidence for Biological Origin of Shungite, Generation of Petroleum and 13C Depleted Nature of Initial Biomass at 2.0 Ga ago
Melezhik V & Fallick A

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