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All abstracts by Martina Menneken in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Diagenetic Stability of Ca, Mg, Zn, and Sr Isotopes in Teeth – An in Vitro Alteration Experiment of Biogenic Apatite in Isotopically Enriched Tracer Solution
Weber K, Weber M, Menneken M, Kral AG, Mertz-Kraus R, Geisler T, Vogl J & Tütken T

(2019) Experimental Fossilisation of Fishes
Gäb F, Ballhaus C, Gerschermann S, Kral A, Menneken M & Stinnesbeck E

(2016) Early Paleozoic I- and S-Type Granitic Magmatism at the Pacific Margin of the Transantarctic Mountains (TAM): Dominantly a Crustal Recycling Process?
Henjes-Kunst F, Gerdes A, Menneken M, Tribuzio R, Schüssler U & Zeh A

(2013) Experimental Study of Trace Element Partitioning between Spinel and Silicate Melts: Effects of Oxygen Fugacity and Spinel Composition
Klemme S, Wijbrans I, Vollmer C, Menneken M & Berndt J

(2012) Kinetics of Calcium Phosphate Nucleation and Growth on Calcite
Wang L, Ruiz-Agudo E, Putnis C, Menneken M & Putnis A

(2011) Thermometry of Quartz from the Metaconglomerate of Jack Hills, Western Australia
Menneken M, Nemchin AA & Geisler T

(2009) Raman Spectroscopic Determination of the Isotope Composition of CO2 Inclusions
Menneken M, Geisler T, Nemchin A & Strauss H

(2007) Oldest Terrestrial Diamonds in Zircon from Jack Hills, Western Australia
Menneken M, Nemchin A, Geisler T, Pidgeon R & Wilde S

(2006) 18O-tracing of the hydrothermal alteration of pyrochlore
Pöml P, Menneken M, Stephan T, Niedermeier D, Geisler T & Putnis A

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