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All abstracts by Guillemette Ménot in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Using Organic Biomarkers for Paleoclimatic and Paleoenvironmental Reconstruction at Low Latitudes: The NGaoundaba Peat Record
Schaaff V, Grossi V, Makou M, Ansanay-Alex S, Eddhif B, Deschamps P, Hamelin B, Garcin Y, Sebag D, Ngounou Ngatcha B & Ménot G

(2021) BrGDGTs and Isotopic Records for Lake Ayrag: Implications for Climate, Vegetation and Human Impact History of the Mongolian Plateau
Dugerdil L, Ménot G, Peyron O, Jouffroy-Bapicot I, Develle A-L, Antheaume I, Ansanay-Alex S, Vannière B, Boldgiv B, Makou M, Grossi V, Unkelbach J, Behling H, Magail J, Robles M & Joannin S

(2021) Holocene Paleoenvironmental and Paleoclimatic Changes from the Ngaoundaba Peat Deposit (North Cameroon)
Schaaff V, Makou M, Grossi V, Ansanay-Alex S, Antheaume I, Deschamps P, Hamelin B, Garcin Y, Sebag D, Ngounou Ngatcha B & Ménot G

(2019) Western Mediterranean Sea Paleothermometry over the Last Glacial Cycle Based on the Novel RI-Oh Index
Davtian N, Ménot G, Fagault Y & Bard E

(2019) Upper Holocene Palaeoclimate and Palaeoenvironment from Mongolia: Calibration of GDGTs, Dung Fungal Spore and Pollen Records for Ayrag Lake (Akhanghai, Mongolia)
Dugerdil L, Joannin S, Peyron O, Jouffroy-Bapicot I, Antheaume I, Makou M, Grossi V & Ménot G

(2019) Co-variations of Climate and Silicate Weathering in the Nile Basin during the Late Pleistocene
Bastian L, Revel M, Bayon G, Vigier N, Lamb H, Pivot S, Menot G & Bard E

(2017) Evidence of bomb-36Cl in 3 Lake Aquifer Systems in Lake Chad Basin
Poulin C, Deschamps P, Hamelin B, Vallet-Coulomb C, Bouchez C, Mahamat-Nour A, Bichara L, Guinbe A, Doumnang J-C, Ménot G, Stieglitz T & Sylvestre F

(2017) Evaluation of Biases Affecting GDGT Proxies and their Consequences for Lacustrine Paleoenvironmental Reconstruction in Lake Saint Front (France)
Martin C, Ménot G, Thouveny N & Bard E

(2017) Response of Biomarkers to Abrupt Climatic Changes during the Last 25, 000 Years in Western Europe
Davtian N, Ménot G, Fagault Y & Bard E

(2016) Abrupt Temperature Changes and Environmental Dynamics in the Black Sea “Lake” during the Last Glacial
Wegwerth A, Kaiser J, Dellwig O, Shumilovskikh LS, Nowaczyk NR, Ganopolski A, Ménot G, Bard E, Lamy F & Arz HW

(2014) Climatic Dependence of Hf-Nd Isotope Decoupling in Clays
Bayon G, Toucanne S, Skonieczny C, Freslon N, Etoubleau J, Dennielou B & Ménot G

(2013) Branched Tetraethers Derived Temperature Reconstruction from Northwestern Black Sea: Proposition of Correction and Associated Sensitivity Test
Sanchi L, Menot G & Bard E

(2011) Quantitative Reconstruction of Millennial-Scale Temperature Variations in Central Europe
Ménot G & Bard E

(2011) Terrigenous Input and Microcharcoal Changes in the Gulf of Papua during the Last 60 kyrs
Bonnet N, de Garidel-Thoron T, Ménot G, Beaufort L, Buchet N & Bard E

(2011) Distribution of Branched Tetraether Lipids in a Black Sea Sediment Core: Insights into Continental Temperature Evolution in Central Europe over the Past 40000 Years
Sanchi L, Menot G & Bard E

(2011) Binge/Purge Oscillations of the Thawing Fennoscandian Ice Sheet Revealed by εNd and Biomarkers
Soulet G, Ménot G, Bayon G, Rostek F, Ponzevera E, Lericolais G & Bard E

(2000) Climatic Significance of the 13C/12C and 18O/16O Variations in Organic Matter: Calibration in Modern Plants and Application to the Paleoclimate Analysis of the Last 3000 Years in Central Europe
Ménot G & Burns SJ

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