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All abstracts by Mohamed Larbi Merroun in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Shifts in the Bacterial Diversity of Aerobic and Anaerobic Bentonite Microcosms Treated with U and G2P
Povedano-Priego C, Jroundi F, Lopez-Fernandez M, Martín-Sánchez I, Dopson M & Merroun ML

(2019) Bacterial Community Structure in an Aquifer Down-Gradient from Uranium in situ Recovery Mine
Jroundi F, Descostes M, Povedano-Priego C, Grizard P & Merroun ML

(2019) Transcriptomic Studies of Bacterial Tolerance to Uranium
Pinel-Cabello M, Vílchez-Vargas R, Jroundi F, Lopez-Fernandez M, Ruiz-Fresneda MA & Merroun ML

(2019) Antibacterial Activity of Selenium Nanoparticles Studied by Calorimetry, Flow Cytometry and Electron Microscopy
Schäfer S, Fahmy K & Merroun ML

(2017) Stenotrophomonas Bentonitica BII-R7T, a Novel Bacterial Strain with Bioremediation Potential
Sánchez-Castro I, Bakkali M, Kämpfer P, Glaeser SP, Busse HJ & Merroun ML

(2017) Speciation of Se(IV) and Eu(III) Associated with Stenotrophomonas Bentonitica BII-R7 Isolated from Spanish Bentonites
Ruiz-Fresneda MA, Gomez-Bolivar J, Fernandez-Cantos MV, Delgado-Martin J, Cherkouk A, Moll H & Merroun ML

(2017) Spectroscopic and Microscopic Approach of U(VI) Sorption on Acidovorax Facilis for Remediation Purpose
Krawczyk-Bärsch E, Gerber U, Steudtner R, Müller K, Moll H, Rossberg A & Merroun M

(2015) Engineering of Actinide-Chelating EF-Hand Proteins for Bioremediation
Pardoux R, Sauge-Merle S, Beccia MR, Lemaire D, Pansier J, Bremond N, Battesti C, Merroun M, Solari PL, Delangle P, Guilbaud P & Berthomieu C

(2015) Linking Genomic Structure of Stenotrophomonas sp. BII-R7 and its Potential for Bioremediation Purposes
López-Fernández M, Sánchez-Castro I, Bakkali M, Ruiz-Fresneda M, Günther A, Solari PL & Merroun ML

(2015) The Effect of Lipopolysaccharides on the Aggregation of Haematite Nanoparticles
Pringle M, Harding J, Merroun M & Romero-Gonzalez M

(2015) Bacterial Community Changes Induced by Uranyl Nitrate Treatment Under Aerobic Conditions
Lopez Fernandez M, Sanchez Castro I, Pieper D, Boon N, Vilchez Vargas R & Merroun ML

(2013) Molecular Scale Speciation of U(VI) Association with Clay Bacterial Isolates
Lopez Fernandez M, Sánchez-Castro I, Amador-García A, Romero Gonzalez M & Merroun ML

(2013) Changes in Bacterial Diversity and Community Structure within a Geochemically Variable Uranium-Mine Water Treatment Plant
Sánchez-Castro I, López-Fernández M, Amador-García A, Phrommavanh V, Nos J, Descostes M & Merroun ML

(2012) Interactions of U(VI) with Archaea: What is Different Than with Bacteria?
Selenska-Pobell S, Reitz T & Merroun M

(2012) Bacterial Interactions with Radionuclides in Bentonite Samples from Spanish Clays
Lopez Fernandez M, Moreno Garcia A, Lazuen Alcon J, Geissler A & Merroun ML

(2011) Bio-Au Nanoparticles on Archaeal and Bacterial S-Layers
Selenska Pobell S, Reitz T, Geissler A, Merroun M & Herrmanndoerfer T

(2011) Microbial Populations of Clay Formations and their Interactions with Uranium
López Fernández M, Fernández Sanfrancisco O, Martinéz García M, Ranea Robles P, Galera Monge T, Moreno García A & Merroun M

(2009) Incorporation of U(VI) into Biogenic Carbonates: Molecular Scale Studies
Merroun ML, Rodriguez-Navarro C, Arias JM, Bernhard G & González-Munoz MT

(2007) Interactions of U(VI) and Eu(III) with Natural Bacterial Isolates
Merroun ML, Geissler A, Nedelkova M & Selenska-Pobell S

(2004) Interaction of U(VI) with Bacterial Strains Isolated Form Uranium Mining Piles: Spectroscopic and Microscopic Studies
Merroun M, Raff J, Rossberg A, Hennig C, Reich T & Selenska-Pobell S

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