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All abstracts by Nicholas Meskhidze in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2017) Creating Aerosol Types from CHemistry (CATCH) to Better Connect Remote Sensing and Models
Dawson K, Meskhidze N, Burton S, Johnson M, Kacenelenbogen M, Hostetler C & Hu Y

(2017) Aerosol Properties in the Remote North Pacific Boundary Layer
Royalty T, Phillips B, Dawson K, Reed R, Meskhidze N & Petters M

(2017) Effect of Dissolved Organic Carbon on the Iron Solubility in Seawater
Meskhidze N, Hurley D, Royalty T & Johnson M

(2017) Evaluation of Labile Iron Processing in Atmospheric Models
Ito A, Myriokefalitakis S, Kanakidou M, Mahowald N, Baker A, Jickells T, Sarin M, Bikkina S, Gao Y, Shelley R, Buck C, Landing W, Bowie A, Perron M, Meskhidze N, Johnson M, Feng Y & Duce R

(2013) The Physical and Chemical Characteristics of Marine Primary Organic Aerosol
Meskhidze N & Gantt B

(2013) Effect of Atmospheric Organics on Iron Bioavailability
Meskhidze N, Johnson M, Hurley D & Petters M

(2012) Improved Representation of Dust-Nutrient Deposition to the Ocean for the Earth System Models
Meskhidze N & Johnson M

(2011) Updated Dust-Iron Dissolution Mechanism: Effects of Organic Acids, Photolysis, and Dust Mineralogy
Johnson M & Meskhidze N

(2011) Evaluating the Impact of Marine Organic Aerosols on Climate
Meskhidze N, Xu J & Gantt B

(2011) Evaluation of Marine Primary Organic Aerosol Emission Schemes
Gantt B, Johnson M & Meskhidze N

(2010) Quantifying Marine Emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds Using Laboratory and Field Measurements from North Carolina Estuarine System
Sabolis A & Meskhidze N

(2010) Rethinking the Organic Sea Spray Function
Gantt B & Meskhidze N

(2010) The Impact of Marine Organic Emissions on Global Climate
Meskhidze N, Xu J & Gantt B

(2009) Effect of Marine Biogenic Organic Aerosols on Cloud Properties: Modeling Study
Meskhidze N, Xu J, Zhang Y, Gantt B, Ghann S, Nenes A, Liu X, Easter R & Zaveri R

(2009) Modeling Mineral Dust and Dissolved Iron Deposition
Johnson M, Meskhidze N, Solmon F, Farlie D & Gasso S

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